Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snippets of the last couple of days

The last couple of days I being staying home although I did make my yearly run to Pier One the day after Christmas I was able to shop with my two little ones in there I am so proud of them...I have teach them that when we are at the stores we either have our hands in our packets or in our back. Just like Abuela teach us when we were growing up. Nenas there are so many things that make me proud of you guys at such a short age I have so many breakable things around my house and las nenas know that is not to be touch, I am a firm believer that you have to teach your children not too touch. I remember hearing this when I was young "Ver y no tocar se llama respetar" (Looking and touching is called respect).

I have also being potty training Gamila...what can I say lots of patience and persistence but I know we would accomplish that it has not being as easy that what it was with Samia but I know she would get it..she fears doing the pipi in the potty. I will keep you guys updated.

I have also catch a cold or a sinus infection not sure what it is but every time I lay down my head gets all stuffy and my ear and throat hurt like crazy...away from that the baby moves like there is not tomorrow and very strongly I know believe that the pregnancy of boy and girls are so different just the way you carry is belly is different.

Nene I am still working in some little projects for your arrival little by little I think in a month or so we would start fixing the nursery can not wait for it the first time I get to put some boy colors and themes. Tomorrow I will be going to the doctor I will see how my little man is growing and how big he is now.

Las nenas have being doing good playing allot with the toys they love the felt house which makes me very happy it was so worth it. Samia yesterday you made me laugh so much or better off is nice seeing how you are growing and verbalizing more your likes and your demands.

We had to make a trip to our supermarket so I took the clothes to dress you guys up Samia I choose a pair of pants with a shirt that has some cows on it, then you decided that you wanted to wear your cow boots and a cowboy hat. Milo you love to follow your sister so I dress you up you requested your boots so I gave you your boots but no you wanted to wear Samia's boots that are like 4 sizes larger. There was not words that could change your mind so this is how you ended up in the supermarket.


AlabasterMuslim said...

I've heard that during pregnancy your imune system can be effected somehow...and it is easier for you to get a cold or the flu. Have you heard of this?
LOL it took me a while to realize the boots were on either side of your daughter. hahaha kids are sooo funny!

Anonymous said...

yeah i know that when i was pregnant my nose was always stuffy, for some it's a normal part of pregnancy, uncomfortable though...Ok Millionaire Pie se hace con condensed milk, cream cheese, and whipped cream, se revuelve todo y se aplica un can de shredded pineapple and chopped pecans. You add the mixture to a graham cracker pie, let it chill in the fridge and voila! Se llama millionaire pie porque esta bien rico!

Mistika said...

Wenbren - Esta rico y lleno de calorias pero lo voy a tratar!

* said...

I had major nose bleeds with the last pregnancy. I even fainted a few times from it.

Hang in there, and big hugs from me, actually I have the flu, no hugs.