Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finally baba is back

Christmas is over that means I will get to see baba more although I don't like being a to complain carrying this belly and the two kids and being alone all the time is not easy.  I find myself more tired and with lots of back pain I think is my sciatic nerve...but I know is only for a couple of weeks and I will have my little man in my arms..Inshallah. So any pain is more than worth it.

On Christmas days we all got to wear our matching pajama pants...Shookran baba for wearing pink once again..last year we did Hello Kitty this year we did some Diva Reindeer.

Let me talk about a little bit about the gifts las nenas enjoyed them so much..although I think it was too many gifts and I know they were not so many compare to other households but las nenas were just opening them and putting them to the side I still have things I hide from them that were not even open and they had not even realize that they are mising them.  So baba and I talked about it and decided that next year it would only be 3 gifts for kid.  Is sad to say but the more you give the more they want.  At least for now they don't know as they grow up things would change I know.

Las nenas have enjoyed allot their little ponies, their bears, the felt house I made plus the felt food..oh and they have enjoyed so much the table and chairs...and the easel was a win win with Gamila she loves to draw although I have to agree even baba has enjoy it.

So now is time for baba and mami gifts...baba surprise me with and Iphone..I had wanted it when it first came out but I then kind of put it in the back burner...I know baba had being looking at them since he got this new store all of his coworkers have them and they are always talking about all the great things they he went and got it for us...and now I am loving it....I also got a little gadget to make my coffee addiction bigger and baba got some audiobooks...

But the best gift of all was this that Tio Cesar gave to me..

Nenas this is Abuela when she turned fifteen...nenas in the spanish culture turning fifteen is a big thing...the picture resurface when tio Cesar was in Colombia earlier this year..

The story of the pictures is a bit sad..when Abuela took this picture she had already giving birth to tio Cesar and she was waiting impatiently for her father to arrive from the she dedicated it to him she wrote the following  "Papi el no tenerte en esta fecha tan importante me da mucha triztesa pero el saber que pronto te vere me da fuerzas" (Dad not having you around in such a special day makes me sad, but knowing you will be here soon it gives me strenght) The saddest part is that her father my grandfather died prior to returning to Colombia...she never saw him again.


Salma said...

Beautiful portrait and very nice of hubby to do that very you (I actually thought it was you at first).

Looks like you all had a great day. Pink pyjamas, cute, I love it.

Anonymous said...

se parece mucho a ti! Tu abuela, que triste que ya no vio a su papa, pero bonito que t tienes una foto tan especial!

Anonymous said...

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