Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Navidad ~ Merry Christmas 2009

So the day started with allot of preparation we first had to prepare the food for the reindeer not sure where Samia learned this but we prepare oatmeal with some glitter so the reindeer can see where to land and eat while Santa unloads.  Las nenas enjoy preparing and throwing it out in the patio baba and mami join in the fun as well.  Nenas I never did this when I was growing up and for sure neither did baba.

The whole afternoon Samia was very anxious about Santa arriving at night so I tried to keeper her busy but the weather made things difficult since they had to be indoors...finally baba arrived and we started our night we got dress, dance, sang, fixed the table enjoy a nice dinner talk about what Christmas baba read the story of Jesus being born from his Koran and mami read it from her bible.  I think we would start doing this so the girls know that our two faiths have baby Jesus being born.

I think is our dutty as parents of two different faiths to teach our daughters our books one day they would decided what they want to follow the important thing is to believe that there is a God.

Samia as very helpful setting up the table is nice to see her grow into this little girl that is always happy to help, Gamila you help as well as much as you can.

Preparing Santa's cookie platter I know this big plate for 3 cookies Samia's idea.

Here we are fixing the table before our meal las nenas were so much help, baba enjoy himself making sure the tamales were warming up the right way and taking pictures, nenas baba loves to take pictures every time he gets hold of the camera he can easily take over 100 shots he loves to hear the click I think....

Nenas Abu made this dresses for you I just love them and I know the girls did as well!

For some reason Samia figure that if she did not have her pj SAnta would not arrive in our house so as the night went on she started telling me she needed to change I was like no is too early, Samia you insisted and insisted till I gave up and put on your PJ's Samia you are as persistent like your a very good characteristic but Boy can it drive me I told tio Cesar me tiene cacorra la culicagada esta con Santa....

After having our dinner we decided that Santa was going to arrive, .  So while mami pick up the girls and baba  heard the jingle bells outside the girls figure it was the reeeinder arriving you should see them running all around the house trying to find out what door Santa had drop off the gifts. They  finally figure it out their faces were full of expressions.

The girls enjoyed bringing all of the toys from outside and putting them around the tree before opening them.

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Anonymous said...

Feliz Navidad! Oatmeal for the reindeer is a fabulous idea! Y las nenas se ven tan bonitas en sus matching pajamas!