Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cooking and many other things!

So tomorrow is my big day...nenas you will have figure it out by the time you read this that mami celebrates tomorrow at midnight that is when the gifts would be giving food would be serve and we all would celebrate Jesus being born.  Christmas day is just a day to stay home and play with the toys eat left overs and enjoy each others oh and get to wear our matching pants....nenas I think this would be the last year we would be wearing pink, I don't think the baby and  baba would agree to pink in years to come Inshallah!

I being doing many many things and the only way all of these stuff gets done around my house is with lots of caffeine I am addicted to it what can I say and I have never follow that rule of No caffeine I don't believe in that stuff or else my two nenas would have being born bouncing off the walls.  I love my Cuban espresso coffee but now I have a new addiction Vietnamese coffee I think some time earlier in the year my friend Kim gave me the coffee and I had never done it but last week my friend Bonnie made some for me and what can I say I am addicted to it around 3 PM instead of my mid afternoon Cuban espresso or cortadito  now I do Vietnamese coffee. Here is the place I learn how to do it is so soooo worth it and my Louisiana people the community coffee is great with it.

So as the usual we eat tamales ~ natilla for Christmas eve.   This year I venture to make empanadas so so worth it I did them I think yesterday and since they can be frozen we have being taking them out and frying and eating them.  This are some of the stuff we would eat the next couple of days.

For the empanadas I make a sofrito with tomatoes, onions, potato, garlic, meat and just cook it.
On the side make the maza and then prepare them.

Today I finish making the tamales and la natilla.

Once again I being multi tasking here are a few things for the baby that I have being working on...I did two blankets simple but I love them so baba can wrap him up...Nenas a little secret mami has never being able to wrap you guys for some reason baba and Abuela are the experts they always have done it.  Baba loves doing it and he takes so much pride doing it we call it the taquito wrap some others call it swaddle. 

I also made a pair of pants for the baby from Samia's pants usually Guido and Zetu send us pants and shirts from Egytp and they send so much that I always have left over so now I make the baby pants from Samia's I did play with it here and there to make them I have to start working on the onesis I am just waiting for them to arrive from Egypt so I can start playing with them.

And here is mami at 29 weeks pregnant for some reason baba took the picture and cut off my face..not that I mind I am not to fond of pictures.


Mama Kalila said...

Awww! Too cute! The coffee sounds good... I'm about to start drinking more of it because my midwife wants me off soda's and suggested coffee as a good way to switch. Keep my caffeine addiction in check until I can work on it, but cut the sugars first... Instead our coffee machine is needing to be cleaned & I'm been cold turkey and going insane. Pray it gets done soon lol.

Salma said...

Beautiful. I love the bump, very nice. The blankets are wonderful, I am still knitting the baby blanket I started 13 years ago. Sad, but you are an inspiration.

Have fun tomorrow.