Monday, November 23, 2009

Yuyu is home!

So after listening to Samia for months that she wanted a puppy she finally got it.  It took baba a couple of months because we had an inner issue he wanted big dog like a boxer, lab, vizla etc.  Mami wanted little little little and after much No's ~~ Maybe ~~~ we got the much awaited YES from baba.  

Here she is a mini dauchshund call Yuyu that is the name Samia gave her there was no way on changing her mind, although we were not very excited about the name we finally decided it was only fair it is her puppy. 
I already love her she is about 6lbs and would only get to about 9lb so is the perfect mini dog for our house.

Gamila is having a hard time adjusting for some reason this child is afraid of anything that moves, the same happen with the fish tank she would not even walk past it.  I know with patience and lots of love she would come around.  We got her yesterday and today I already saw a little change.


Jazmin said...

Que bonita! Tiene los ojos preciosos, felicidades!

Anonymous said...

que lindo perrito:) se ve bien jugeton!

Salma said...

Cute...I'm allergic, but they are cute from a far.

Anonymous said...

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