Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ho Ho all the way from Egypt!

So today we started our  Christmas mood we took our decorations it was so nice taking them out actually I found many things we had bought last year after the season and then I found two Santas that have so much meaning. While Guido and Zetu were here they brought baba his Santa, he remembers having them since he has memory.  Guido purchase this for him for Christmas in one of his trips.  They are so cute and today while dad was looking at them, I could tell he was nostalgic. Nenas inshallah you would be able to displayed them one day in your homes, always remember things might not look gorgeous but they can hold lots of sentimental value

While we were taking the things out Samia and Gamila had the time of their life they were enjoying everything.  I have to mention Samia you are so excited about Christmas.  

Nenas before having you I will always said why do people have more than one Christmas tree in a house now I understand when you have children they want trees all over the place.  So last year I bought this cute pink princess tree, Samia you love it you want to keep it on all the time and you also help me set it up, it was so nice seeing you all excited decorating your first Christmas tree.

Is hard to say no to Samia when she ask repeatedly that she wanted an inflatable papa noel for outside so today I went to get her one and baba was more than happy to help her fix her inflatables.


AlabasterMuslim said...

ah!! The blowup santa and penguin scare me! lol

But i'm so glad you are making so many memories with your daughters! :D

Salma said...

How big are the Santas Mistika? They look as big as the girls...or is it just my perception?

Mistika said...

AlabasterMuslim - Samia loves them better than getting in a ladder 6.5 months pregnant fixing lights. Baba is so bussy this days!

Salma - they are 4 feet, about Samia's height!