Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid Mubarak ~~~ Kosko the elf

So today is the Eid not much celebration here at home I wanted to make fattah but with baba not home I think it would be too much food for the girls and myself.  We did call Egypt to talk to Zetu and Guido to wish them a happy and safe feast.  I had even bought the lamb the other day but I had not realize baba was working the day of the Eid.

I think I read in facebook that one of our mami's from the playgroup mention the elf on the shelf and I had heard about last year but definatly Samia was too small, this year I mention it to Samia and right away she know what I was talking about, it seems a little girl in her school mention it.  I had intentions to order it on line but yikes 31 dollars is allot of money for a book and a an ugly elf, so I made one I think it took me 20 minutes and my friend Stacy help me find a letter to attach to instead of the book.

Surely enough Samia found it today sitting next to her bed she thinks Santa open her door and place it in there she ran to the room to show it to me and for me to read her the letter, so far it has work, is amazing the imagination children have actually I envy it right nice is to imagine and not have to wake up to reality.  Once again Samia named the Elf with the weirdest name, I think is combination of her Arabic and Spanish her name is kokos.


Melanie said...

Love your elf! I'm doing the Elf on a shelf routine too. I found a bendy Santa at Walmart for a $1 and he is our elf. So far so good. My girls are having a good laugh finding him around the house doing silly things.

Mama Kalila said...

We're doing it too lol. Only we didn't like the elf either (and the price is rediculous) so we went looking for another... couldn't find an elf last year, so ended up w/ a "Moose on a shelf" LOL. Its still really cute.

Wenbren Explains It All said...

What is the tradition? How cute!Kokos is a perfect name:) Thanks for asking, my job is good so far, I'm enjoying it, I kept the other job incase I don't like this one so now I'm exhausted overworking. It will soon be over with my old job, I hope:)

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