Saturday, June 13, 2009

Packing and much more

Like is to be expected we being a bit swamp around boxes. Some of us actually fill them up while others just play with them.

Packing is not easy, I guess that is needless to say since we all move in our life time, and the longer you live in a place the more JUNK we accumulate.

With children even though there are major events in your life you still have keep your routine, so we found time to go to the park the other night, is so hot here in Louisiana we are pretty much indoors the whole day and then we hit the street after 6 o'clock even later on, this has change a little bit my sleeping routine of 7. Nenas you been staying up to 9 o'clock enjoy it for now.

I have also started to sit down with Gamila and draw, paint and play with stickers. Milo you are pretty good at everything but love to put the stickers in your face.

Samia you are turning into this delicate, funny, dramatic little girl you love to dance like a ballerina, you love it when we played I am the witch and you are the princess, you love to dance, jump and move your hips from one side to the other. Samiuta here you are playing and posing for mami.

Inshallah we move on Tuesday after closing on Monday. Samia you also start your soccer on Monday night, I can not wait to see you running behind the ball. Samia you are also very social you love going to the play ground walking up to the other kids no matter how old they are, your introduction goes something along these lines.

Samia - Hi, what is your name.

Then you wait a little while you answer back even if they respond something like this.

Samia - I am Samia you want to play

I love this about you.

Oh and I don't think our streak of inconveniences has stop, our air conditioner broke for the second time in a day.


Michelle said...

I hope the packing is going okay....oh goodness, I hate it! Good luck!

Umm Omar said...

Moving is so stressful. Hope all the rest goes well. Love the kids in the boxes. So cute.

Wenbren Explains It All said...

Hi! Amiga! I see you are pretty busy moving, but the girls look like they're having tons of fun with the boxes! I'm back, the vacation was nice but also very exhausting, I'm glad I'm home!:)

Khadra said...

I think there is a better way to move your kids. Packing them in boxes is probably a bad idea!

Kids just love boxes dont they!?

Sorry about your air conditioner :(

Yaya said...

I always love your picture layouts.