Thursday, June 11, 2009

One of those days!!!!

The last couple of days keep on being full of action. Yesterday I drove by myself to Houma, it was nice in a way but I also felt lonely. As I was driving with out my usual passengers I did not know what to do in the road for two hours with no noise or refilling juices or passing snacks.

I had allot of time to think I guess the thinking really started when I was brushing my hair something I never do, with straight hair why bother brushing it. And I found 13 gray hairs maybe more because I started counting at 13. As I was driving I had time to think that I am 34 with 2 children and marry for 7 years. WOW! At times I think I am kind of old for having the kids mainly because when we moved to the south most of the girls were 27 with 2 children I was 28 and not even one. Then the though of living in the country hit me as I pass houses with huge land I mean 20 acres and more. So then I start thinking maybe our next move when the girls are a bit older I could go the farm girl style, get a big piece of land, have some chickens, goats, sheep's etc. I do have to admit it has crossed my mind a couple of times, but yesterday was the first baba heard it from me. Needless to say he was beyond himself, his Mistika mention she would like to live in a farm, I know that is something he has always wanted but I would always stop him. Let's see how I will feel in about 4 years when the girls would be older as well.

Monday should be the closing of the house but nenas mami has being in a high stress mode like they say bad things happen in sets of 3 and I think today was the last bad thing. The first one was the computer die on me I know maybe is not such a big deal, but being without a computer is a big deal for me. Second thing some very smart employee in Target screwed up with some money were were suppose to received so now we are having to research it. Thirdly a Cashier check that was deposit in our account was misplaced, lost or like I call it ignorance from the teller. So hopefully today I break from the chain of 3's.

Gamila today I had to talk you to the Dr. for the past couple of night you wake up at around 11 and can not go back to sleep because oft he cough. Thank God is just a simple summer cold plus you are teething.

Whole different thing, I have being meaning to mention this. For the last 2 months I being using my own fabric bags to get my groceries, so I could go a little green and not use so many plastic bags. However I have come to realize is not that easy for starters cashiers hate using them. I can just see their face when I hand them my totes, if looks could kill I would be killed about 2 times per week. I went ahead and mention baba why the cashiers hate using them, he did tell me they train them but they don't like using them I guess is more work having to hook the bag in the bagging carousel. Is a shame here I am trying to be green and what I received is bad looks and an attitude.


Umm Omar said...

haha, I know! I get those looks, too when I try to use those reusable bags. Actually, at first, I just collected a lot of bags I have here in the house (like ones my husband gets from work) and the cashiers were not happy! I thought it was because it didn't have that little hook thing, I don't know. Anyway, hope the closing goes well. Enjoy those moments alone! I have those moments, too, when reality comes crashing down on me. If it makes you feel any better, I am a little younger than you, and I have waaaay more than 13 gray hairs. :-) I also dream of moving to a farm, but I need to learn to stop being afraid of animals and insects first. ;) Omar is teething these days. No fun. Hope she's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I always use my canvas bags for my groceries. Some cashiers will give me dirty looks, but oh well, I feel better using them.

Khadra said...

I hope today goes well for you. You have had enough bad luck already!!

Lisa said...

I also gave up on canvas bags due to the mean stares of sackers! I'm back to plastic and unhappy with it....

Good luck with the house, and hope it goes well! Love you sweetie.