Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Falafel and others!

I feel this week is different for many reasons. I have being waiting nervously for the final approval for the house loan. Wow! now days they want to know your whole life story but finally we got the final OKEY!

Guido and Zetu are getting used to the routine of the girls and the house, life is so different here to what they are used to, but slowly they would get used to everything. Guido is enjoying every second with las nenas and so are they, Gamila does not want me to carry her any longer only Guido or Zetu. Samia just loves all of the attention she gets, I am so happy my nenas get to enjoy their grandparents something I never had. I only got to see my Abuela every 2 years or so and never got the chance to meet Abu's mom so only had one from Abuelos side. Baba on the other hand lived with Suzu all his life so he knows what is to have a grandma around, to this day for Suzu baba is her spoil boy.

Zetu is in charge of the kitchen, everything has to be said her cooking is great. Why is that our parents make things so much easier in the kitchen, they just have a dexterity that can only be acquired with time. Inshallah one day my nenas would think the same of me.

Guido has started helping me already with the packing today he pack for me my much beloved mud people. Inshalalh in a week we would close on the house then move. I have also had time to read a little bit, I will actually do a reading update in the next couple of days. I have also done a few craft things I have actually venture into drawing for a shirt I want to make the girls..Yes nenas you guys have me drawing something I have always fear my whole life, but that I always wanted to do.

We also ate falafel..that is something I love but it has to be fresh, once I bought one of those boxes that have the mixture to make them but they made me so sick that we never did it again. Zetu teach me to make them this time I also learn that I can always freeze portions for different days this way it makes it easier for me.

Fava beans pealed in half (although I know you can also make them with chick peas)
Pita bread
Vegetable Oil

- Put the fava beans in water for 1 day for soaking.

-Take a few pieces of pita bread and put them to soak in water

- After draining the beans take the onion, parsley and dill and cut it in pieces they don't have to be small since everything would have to be grind later.

- Grind everything let it sit for about 10 minutes.

-Then add all of the spices to the grind mixture.

-Once you are ready to fried them smash the bread and mix it with the falafel then make little balls or patties.

- Make sure the oil is hot, put the little patties in the oil and flip them around couple of times, wait till the color gets brown take them out and ready to be eaten.

Nenas Guido and Zetu brought dolls for each of you, Samia's yours has a purple dress, Milo's yours has the pink dress the best part is that they sing to Nancy Agram's music, so now we all hook in her song Shater ( my spelling must be wrong but is a nice rhythm song)

Milo you have being a bit sick this days but with a little honey and lemon you are okey now.


Counselormama said...

Wow, so much happening! Good luck with everything you are doing!

Umm Omar said...

Congratulations on the house! How exciting! I wish I was there to help you pack.
I'm having friends over this weekend for breakfast,and I'm going to try this falafel recipe. I have one that I've used for years, but just recently I've started looking for a better one. I'll let you know how it goes!
So nice for the kids to enjoy their grandparents. That is such a blessing, really. Enjoy them!

desertmonsoon said...

yum... your falafel looks tasty :)

you are lucky to have your parents there. I wish mine were here with me, especially my mom, she is so good with kids

Umm Omar said...

Hi Mistika, I came back to write down the recipe for falafel. Question-did you make the baharat yourself or did you buy it? Also, how much did you use? Thanks!

Mistika said...

We bought the baharat.
The quantity is hard to say is pretty much by eye you know how they cook back home.
You have to let me know how they came out.

Umm Omar said...

haha, I know. They eyeball everything. Well, I followed your baharat link and made it myself, using my coffee grinder. It seems very peppery, but like I said I just followed the proportions (never thought I'd see the day where I take a recipe from wikipedia). I'm planning on posting the results, so stay tuned! Thanks, Mistika!