Sunday, June 28, 2009

Decoration bug --- friends!!!

I think it was two days Zetu made mashi I usually make them but I never make the zucchini, the girls love the zucchini and so did I. Her mashi was delicious, mine can not even be compare to hers, although I have learn a few tips from her hopefully by the time they leave I will be a better cook. Inshallah!!!!!

We have also being building a few things and Samia you have become Guido's assistance, is funny but now you know what a screwdriver is, a hammer and so forth...I have two mohandish in the house.

The last couple of days we have started taking all of our decorations. I have to admit one of the cool things in being in a multicultural relationship is the different styles of decorations. We have always decorated the living area arabic style and the dinning area with my spanish style. The last time we went to Egypt we brought so many things back for the new house, plus Guido and Zetu brought us a few more things. Nenas baba is mainly in charge of decorating, I have to admit he has a very good eye I will venture to say better than me.

We are almost finish with the arabic side we still have our spanish side. Nenas I know you guys would fight baba when you guys want to put a nail in the wall and baba would be screaming "NO" we discover the 3M things to hang things, but the problem I have now is that my spanish stuff is too heavy since they are made of clay so I am working on him with the nails issue.

We still have the chandeliers and so many other things to do little by little Inshallah.
On another note Bonnie and the girls came over I was missing them so much, is being a while, although Samia has stayed over their house last week, but I had not spend anytime with them and I missed them. The girls had so much fun playing in the not finished playroom. Those two little girls are so cute, but my Samantha is my girl she is the sweetest thing she loves for me to carry her and cuddle up with me. I am so happy that God put in our life people like the Azadan's.
Samia you played with Alexandra you guys dress and undress 10 times, color and chased each other.
Gamila you and Samantha are starting to bond more and play together, the two of you loved to hug and kisses.


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I love that Samia knows that a screwdriver is! :-) And, it's so odd how we pick up the culture of our husbands. My living room has a bit of Moroccan flair, too.

Lisa said...

Everything is coming together so nicely! The mashi looks really good.

Yaya said...

Aw! She looks like a good little helper!

Umm Omar said...

Glad to hear everything is going nicely. That mashi looks sooo good. Samia is so cute, helping her gidoo!

Wenbren Explains It All said...

Love, Love, Love how everything's turning out, I'm sure Mashi's super delicioso, i would love to taste it!