Monday, May 4, 2009

Start of a tough week!

Here is mami playing with her camera and photoshop...I know I must be driving everybody crazy with photos.

How to preserve tomatoes no need of canning. Every time I see tomatoes for a good price I usually buy a couple of pounds and freeze them for future use.

Wash the tomatoes
Boil water and in another container fill it with cold water I usually put ice.
Put the tomatoes in the boiling water for about a minute then take them out and put them in the ice water.
Do this about 3 times then peel the tomatoes and put them in zip lock bags and make sure to take out the air.
I usually put dates on my bags, you could also keep the skin but it gets very hard for when you going to use it.

Chamomile ~ or sheaia like baba calls it he loves this stuff any time we have an upset stomach that is what we drink, and while I was in Egypt the girls and I will have a drink of these every morning.

However I also used it for the hair, nenas when I was growing up Abuela would always boiled the chamomile and put it in a spray bottle and she would always spray my hair before going out, specially if I was going to be in the sun the whole day. It never made my hair
blonde, but I always had highlights in my hair I guess it was the chamomile that was till I decided to put a whole bottle of peroxide in my hair and ruin it.

And this is Amira with the rose for this week.....exactly a year today was the last time I spoke to titi Mio like Samia calls her...I still remember her voice that day, she actually sounded much better than before, we all though it was over, she would be getting her surgery and then on her way home to recuperate and come and stay with us. Little did we know!

Today I made sure I bought her a beautiful rose to put next to her picture like I always do. This picture was taken in Hurghada a couple of years back, I only remember how much fun we had together. It was a great trip from the beginning to the end...what can I say everything Amira did was just perfect.
Salam habibi and wahashtiny aktar. !!!!


Mona said...

You could never post too many photos!

Umm Omar said...

I second what Mona says! I love the pictures. They're beautiful!

I always tear up when I read about your sister-in-law. You're thinking of her here, but you probably don't realize how much you're helping others (at least me) to appreciate their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

as always loving the awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing the picture of your sister in law!