Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Un dia normal

The last couple of days have being mainly in the road. Yesterday we went to stay with baba in Houma he is being staying there this last couple of days, so after leaving our play date we headed that way.

We also went to see the house and were amazed at how fast they are moving. The other day I went towards Houma I took pictures of some of the stuff we see in our ride...I am amaze at how many churches I find on the way, they are some beautiful homes along the way, makes me wonder who would build such a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere. There are a few homes along the way that also makes me wonder who lived there? How many years ago did they build it? Maybe slaves lived there? All these things start crossing my mind.

I also went to Target it was funny being in there and calling baba every 5 minutes telling him what needed to be straighten out in the store.

That is what I admire baba so much he is always hungry for doing better, he is always asking questions, no matter how stupid they can be he is always hungry for knowledge. Nenas always remember there is no stupid question, always ask is better to know than live a life wondering the Why of things.

Samia I have also being hearing some funny stuff coming out of your mouth lately:

-Mami you are big and smart

-I want to be big to play with big kids

-I want to be big like Crystal

A month from Today Guido and Zetu would be here with us Inshallah baba would go and pick them up in New York I know they are excited they call us everyday to find out what else we want. Samia and Gamila they care so much for you guys there is not a day they don't call and ask how their girls are doing.

They would be staying with us for a long time, and I know it would not be easy at times but every time I feel ovewhelmed, upset, tired cranky etc. I would look up in the sky and think about Amira. I am the only daughter they have left and is my duty to take care of them, they have always treated me like their daughter and I have always feel their love for me.

I am so happy I marry a man that also believes that parents are to be with us when they get older, I just can not believe how people put their parents in nurseries I agree if they need medical care. Nenas when we get old we become children and is the duty of our children to take care of us like we did when they were babies. I know baba would never say no to having any of my parents home.


Amanda said...

I always think that about those big beautiful houses in the middle of no where too.

Anonymous said...

it looks like a haunted house, I bet that house has a lot of secrets...