Sunday, May 3, 2009


Not sure what it is?????

Baba is never home?
Sad because it would be a year now?
But today I am just to my ropes....te juro I want to put a pair of ear plugs and hide in the balcony is a shame is rainning and I can not do it...the closet is out they learn how to open it. The only place I am safe is the kitchen because of the gate a but I still have to hear them or seeing them hang to that gate and break their nalgas. But this also means that I will eat the whole day...not good!!!

Nenas I usually don't like to write this kind of stuff but when you guys were growing up everything was not water parks, zoo, strawberry patches...there were moments of DESPERATION~~~~~~LOCURA

Samia you decided that you don't talk today everything is a whine no jodas lloras por todo me tienes la cabeza grande!

Mami GAmila touch me!
Mami Gamila is washa!
Mami Gamila....y gamila...y can my GAmila cause so much trouble in a home.

Well that being said that is Samia's belief, I think Samia is the super super sensitive. Gamila on the other hand does not care about anything as longest she is playing .

Thank God for Bravo TV I never watch that channel but today I had enjoy The Millionaire Maker or matcher, and now I am watching Desperate Housewives....bunch of crap but well it does blend well with the
whining toddler the only thing those botox queens do is whine. Wow hopefully I don't look like them when I am whining.

The only things I enjoy today was a nice papaya ~ funny is a fruit for us but for Cubans papaya means butt so nenas make sure you call it fruta bomba in front of Cubans.

Oh and I also enjoyed the fact that Gamila puts the toys away she knows when I say "clean up" she picks everything up and then takes them to the toy box.

At least the girls know what CLEAN UP means, that should cheer me up afterall I am a cleaning/picking up freak.

Also I enjoyed taking this picture of Gamila putting Samia's boots while Samia scream her heart out because Gamila had them on, for no reason after all they were sitting in the closet.


Anonymous said...

my kids are always tattling(andan de chismosos) on each other too!I hate it! Papaya is very good with cottage cheese I used to eat that everyday for either breakfast or lunch! I luv that stuff!:)

Stacey said...

Oh momma I know the feeling. ~hugs~ hope you are well.