Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baba jeans Samia capris & Gamila pants

I being cleaning out the closet now that the move is approaching and next week I will be gone for a part of the week picking up zetu and guido.

I came across this jeans that baba was never into but that I loved because is that soft jean material not the stiff kind, as I was about to put them in our goodwill bag my sewing bulb came up and I figure I could make something for the girls. The first thing that came to my mind was making something for Gamila I never though that the two of them would use them.

I tried taking pictures all through the process since my explanation method is not always the best so here I go.

1. Old pair of jeans

2. Grab a pattern you have and place it along the fold just like in the picture

3. Cut two of them

4. Once you have the two pieces put them together right sides together and sew the short sides

5. After sewing on the sides open the pants and place them like in the picture and sew around the inside legs

6. This is how it should look as of now

7. I did not have this on mind when I first started the pants but I figure I could spice the pants up and make them more funky with another color fabric for the top band. I took a 3 inch band and sew it around the top, the way of doing this is by putting the band right side against the jeans right side and sew at the edge

8. Sewing the band to the jean top

9. This is how it should look after you finish sewing it.

10. Then I fold the band to make a casing, I made it 1.5 inches so it would overlap the first seaming this way it looks nice and clean inside

11. After I put the elastic I sew in the top around the elastic, since the casing is bigger than the elastic (keep on mind I am beginner in sewing there could be another way of doing this)

12. Again I did not had this on mind I wanted to add something different in the bottoms. So I took another piece of fabric the same 3 inches and sew it around the bottom. The way you do this is by turning the jeans wrong side out and putting the band on top of them just like in the picture Keep on mind you will have to sew at the top and at the bottom, and make a little fold in the top and bottom

So after I finish sewing this I figure Gamila could put it on the following day this is what happen, but Samia beg them that she could wear them and here they are over her pajamas.

and then this is what I got this morning

Hopefully you understand my explanations I tried my best, Inshallah I get better as I practice more and more.

Oh I also finally fixed my craft, sewing, embroidery binder I made my own tabs with double sided tape and some colorful card stock paper, Samia helped me in the whole process.

Fun part of my day when I found this little monkey.


Me said...

I love how you always have great ideas and always involve your girls in them. you are so great! Love and hugs!!!! jazmin

teachmama said...

wow! love this idea--thanks for sharing!!

on the edge said...

Clever you !!!

Anonymous said...

Clever idea, very cute result!