Friday, May 29, 2009

Quack, Quack, Quack!!!!

Today we went to feed the ducks...I am also noticing that the older they get the more fun they are the more we interact and we just make each other company.  Those ducks were very aggressive but Samia was so excited  being surrounded by all of them, she tried to pet them but as you can imagine they did not let her.

Then while the girls nap I did what I love doing playing with my pictures.  Baba is away again so is a girly wekeend not sure what we would be doing but I will find something to do.  Also while they were sleeping I played a little bit with the vegetable mini garden I have today we have great weather not as hot with a nice breeze.

In a week Inshallah we would be anxiously waiting at JFK waiting for Guido and Zetu I know they are super exited they are counting day the days they have left till they hug and start spoiling las nenas.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures as always!

she tried to pet them, Lol!

Deare Diary said...

Your little girls do not look like they are afraid of the ducks. That is a pretty place to spend some outside time. I am impressed with the different things that you can do with your pictures. How did you do that with the cube and the appearance of a puzzle?

Mistika said...

yaya - thanks like always.

deare diary - the big one not afraid at all the little one got afraid when they quack.
I do them with photoshop, I being teaching myself with tutorials is so rewarding!

on the edge said...

Ducks and baby's !A great combination !!!