Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 pairs of XX chromosomes

So baba is away for work and this is what we do when we are home alone nenas...

Samia you love to put lipstick on and today I found Gamila starting to follow you.

Here you guys are sharing a cone and making silly faces...nenas I have not remind you the following in a while always remember to share with each other, since the day you were born you guys have always being together, keep the bond growing!

Samia today you finish decorating your letters for your playroom...I also finish Gamila's but we wont decorate them till she can do them herself Inshallah!

Here are the 4 eyes, 4 hands, 4 feet and 2 hearts that keep me going everyday that make me smile when I am sad, that help me keep on going when I miss my family, that help me be a better person, and that are teaching me and making me feel so many things I never though existed.
Gracias papito Dios por estas dos personaitas que pusistes en mi camino!


Mona said...

So cute! I love all the pics!

Umm Omar said...

Masha'Allah, how adorable!
Did you make those letters? They are nice! And Samia decorated them so nicely!

Mistika said...

Mona - thank you

Umm Omar - Yes they are made out with felt and then she decorated them with different buttons, I was trying to teach her the colors and the letters.

Deare Diary said...

You make some good pictures. You are pretty talented with the camera. Of course you have two cute models to help. Precious family.

Erick rodas said...

Good Day, Mistica, You have such a wonderful Children I really believed, that merging culture and nationality will breaking down those barriers surrounds us. Let's keep breaking them thanks for the visit of my site.