Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Strawberry fun!

After a few mishaps we finally made it to the strawberry patch and we all had a blast, I think we also did some tasting from every single plant there was in the patch.  Samia you were very intersted in just picking and picking and filling your greeen basket.  Gamila you were very diligant picking up and filling the basket with mami, that was till you realize you could eat them as well, I think that is when the fun started for you.

The kids were very good picking up, petting the animals and then having some fun in the play area.  It was a perfect day specially the breeze was great.  

Yesterday I finally instaled the photoshop to my computer and I being trying to self teach myself all the stuff that program can do...but for that program I think I will have to go back to college..here are just a few pics I played with.

This one I played with the sky color.

I try creating some retro color (I personally don't see much change)

I try to add rain

This is one of the strawberries I pick and I try putting Samia's face.


Stacy said...

I've eatten so many of those strawberries yesterday and today, I think I just might turn into a strawberry!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures - I love strawberries, but where is the pic of the gigantic bowl of strawberry shortcake - isn't that a must? :-)

Anonymous said...

I like your special effects! Now I feel like a strawberry shortcake!:)

Mona said...

Ah, this brings back great memories of strawberry picking as a kid! I LOVE this new template it's sooo cute!

Umm Omar said...

you'll have to go back to college-ha, ha, that's funny. but I love what you did!

Khadra said...

So cute!