Sunday, April 26, 2009

Food, sleep, paint just Elashry Casa

Today we stayed indoors after being out yesterday chasing ladybugs and tomorrow hopefully picking some strawberries it was only fair for mami to enjoy her air conditioner. Baba had to work that is not fun but what can we do that is the retail world work on weekends.

Today I was a bit creative for breakfast hoping Gamila eats she is a little harder to feed than my Samia so mami created a girl in a flower garden:

To my delight they eat it all Allhomdulliallah!
Samia had some fun painting at home we did some potato stamps and then she painted with her hands.
Oh I also had to show this a couple of weeks back baba got me this spice holder not sure how to call it. Is made out of wood and I know it is from India and I just love it I put all of my cooking spices the ones that I use more often like Salt, pepper, Cumin and my Bokharat or also called Seven spice mixture

Here I go with my disorganize out of order thoughts just trying to catch up, So Milo as you already know we are always complaining about your hair..mami things it is tooo messy baba is always brushing it and brushing it to make it straight just like Zetu does when she is with you. Baba bath them last night and took a chance to brush your hair and this is what I found

Baba is worry about the hair and not the runny nose it figures his obsession with straight hair.

The other day Samia helped me cook this delicious pasta I took from the Martha Stewart site..I love the recipe fast, healthy and I could used all of my herbs from the garden, Samia enjoyed helping me cut them and washing them.

Samia you have become a big helper for mami, well that is when you want to cooperate, but something I have started to notice is that you give it your all and that is something that I love, nenas always remember when we do things they have to be 100% even if the outcome is not perfect we know we gave our best. This way you would not feel any kind of remorse that it did not come out right because you did not give it your all..remember nenas life is a trial an error journey.

Nenas baba has being working alot since he is having to commute almost 2 hours each way, but even like this he finds time to spend with you guys even if that means that he falls asleep while he read you guys a book. Nenas always remember baba has worked very hard so mami can stay home with you two. Gracias pollito!!!

And to finalize nenas there is a world health scared there is a type of influenza called Swine flu, apparently it all started in Mexico but now it has travel up the USA and as of today there were some cases already reported in Canada. Inshallah it gets under control sad but usually when things like this happen in third world countries the death toll rises rapidly. Hopefully it does not get out of hand, so you guys would not have to read about it one day in your school books as one of the epidemic of the 21st century


Anonymous said...

Yes, I just heard about that new flu. Scary.

I love that lunch you made! So creative!

Umm Omar said...

aaaw, this is so sweet! I've probably said this before, but your kids will one day really, really appreciate this blog (insha'Allah). Imagine if we could have a glimpse into the lives of our mothers and fathers when they were our age raising us as children!

I love the spice holder and that food dish of the girl in the garden...gotta try that with my kids.

LORI said...


Anonymous said...

What a fun lunch! I love your new blog design - the picture at the top is SO cute!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

My dad called me at work warning me about the flu, they get scared because I'm a nurse! I just advise people to keep washing their hands and their little ones! I love all your pictures it looks like you guys had a great weekend! I'm glad:)

Counselormama said...

Like your blog background, how cute! I LOVE your spice holder too!

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

I saw that spice holder and intinctly i said looks like mine of past but they are from India..i love it so original! Nice blog !

mirchi said...

I love your spice holder!! Mine is round and stainless steel, but I need to find one like yours.

And your baby has beautiful eyes!