Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One more day!

So my kitchen is full of strawberries there is just no way we could eat them all so why not make some marmalade, jelly or jam...

I got all my ingredients together however the amount of sugar it asks for makes you not want to eat jam or jelly ever again. I was about to change the recipe and not put so much sugar but then I read if you don't use the right quantities most likely it would not set correctly...so pushing my arm I pour the 4 CUPS of sugar it asked for. Agggghhh it still hurts me.

I opted for doing the fast version no need of cooking the fruits.

I took the strawberries and put them in the blender to make 2 cups

Mix with 4 CUPS of sugar mix it and then let it sit for 10 minutes

On the side prepare the pectin follow the box instructions

After the pectin is done mix the two mixtures and stir for about 3 minutes till all the sugar is dissolve then put in your Plastic containers.

Samia also while I was getting ready to make breakfast you mention mami where is my surprise, meaning where is my decorated breakfast...I am spoiling you nenas! Today I made flowers consisting of eggs, strawberries, cheese and olives.

Staying home with the two and not going out requires allot of activities to keep you guys busy and away from the TV so after our lunch I decided to the a special way of painting this way Gamila could paint and not be worry she is going to eat the paint...plus the paint actually taste delicious I use Condense Milk with food coloring to do paintings. The girls did not know they could not eat the paint it was very funny seeing how they painted and painted and all of a sudden Gamila decides to put her finger in her mouth and Wallah she discover how good it taste after that she painted inside her mouth. Samia it took you awhile to figure it out but after wards you did two strokes in your mouth and one on the paper.
I will definitely be trying this more often it was so worth it.

Nenas I can imagine how much fun you guys would have when you see this video.

Oh Samia today you gave me a scared not sure why you did it..well I should not say that you did tell me why. After having dinner I went to wash the dishes and made the mistake which is really not a mistake because I always do it of leaving Gamila in her booster chair. All of a sudden I hear a PAW!!! when I see Samia running towards the room and Gamila crying ~ surely enough Samia pushed the chair and Gamila fell straped to the booster chair. I grab GAmila all worry about her head and when I went to grab Samia she starts crying.. So I grabbed her and asked her

"Callate y dime que paso" (Be quiet and tell me what happen)
Samia tells me "I push her"
Mami - Why?
Samia - Because I miss daddy!!!

At this point I just pick her up and kiss her and told her she could not do that again.
I think she is playing a manipulation game I do know baba has not being around lately but what a lame excuse....Samia eres la patada enana mia!

Nenas on a complete different note the Swine Flu is spreading fast a very scary thing no need to write how scary it is just judge by the pictures how Mexico City has being paralyzed

This two ladies were praying at a Zocalo on Monday morning look how empty the plaza is compare to this other shot taking some other time in the same place. Inshallah this can be contain soon, this way the death toll does not keep on rising, and we all have to be careful we can not be walking with the mentality that it could not happen to us..always remember we are just like any other human being!


Counselormama said...

I know, that is scary about the flu! Hope it gts contained soon! I love the pics of the girls and the food. :)

Umm Omar said...

The video wasn't working for me. :(
Anyway, I love the dishes-this, I'll try today with my picky eaters, insha'Allah. I'll let you know how it goes! I make homemade jelly and the amount of sugar is too much, but I always think that anything we make at home is still better than anything you'd buy in the store. Condensed milk and food coloring? Really?! Is that it?

Anonymous said...

Yummy jam!! ;-)

Mistika said...

Umm Omar - yes just condense milk, the painting becames really shinny pretty for flowers.

Stacey said...

I love all the little things you're making out of the food on the plates too cute.

*~Ange~* said...

your kids look so cute masha'allah and seem to be having a great time making that jam!