Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Samia's duvet -- Fun Day

So I being working on making Samia a duvet for her soon to be bought twin bed. I wanted to make something girly but not so pink I was able to pick out the fabric well that is with the help of Abuela and Bonnie or else I would had spends months trying to figure it out. So I order the fabric, it finally arrived this weekend baba help me to do the design and make sure we had enough fabric for the two girls. So at night after everybody is down I work on it, hopefully I will finish it soon.
Today I went with the mami group to a place where they teach children where things come from, it was nice although a bit crowded but Samia had a nice time...Gamila still a bit small for that kind of things. Afterwards we had a nice picnic. The girls and mami did a bit of running and playing some ball.


Yaya said...

Love that last picture. How beautiful of a moment that got captured perfectly! Good luck w/ the duvet!

One Anxious Mommy said...

What fun! I agree with Yaya on the last picture!!

wenbren explains it all said...

I love all the pictures! How fun!:)

Anonymous said...


I am so glad I found your blog again. I wasn't able to access it for a couple of weeks. It looked like you had a great time with the girls. My son and I loved doing these things when he was little, especially zoos and street fairs. Time goes so fast, you have to treasure every minute of it. But I don't need to tell YOU that, you know it very well. Cuidate mucho amiga.
Maria Eugenia