Monday, April 20, 2009

Make up dreams

Make up....Oh I love make up but never wear it, I just don't know how to wear it if not I will be a walking cosmetic counter. Even though I don't wear it I love the way Lebanese woman wear make up, they just make a any eye look gorgeous. I remember the first time I watch a Lebanese music video I was with Titi Mio and after that time I just became a fan of the Lebanese woman, and I have always wanted to learn how to put the make up.

I know one day I will try one of these make up styles just at home, if I were to walk out with this kind of make up in my city, I would be treated as a clown maybe...or you never know I might get some compliments. I did come across some videos in YouTube to apply the make up, I guess I should buy a whole pallet of eyeshadow. I have the kohl here at home from Egypt and I do wear it sometimes.

This reminds me of some friends from Afghanistan that we have, a couple of months after Gamila was born they invited me to their home the girls were so happy playing with the girls when all of a sudden I notice Gamila and Samia had kohl in their eyes. (You can imagine I was going crazy, but then I calm down after all she did have 5 children) So I asked them why and she told me she did it to all of her children. To them is very common to put kohl in children eyes for many reasons sun, health, bad eye and the list goes on, I also asked baba when we came home and he did mention in the villages in children allot of mothers put kohl in their children.

Samia you love to put make up, although not sure what you think make up is, since I only have lipstick, but I think I will wait till you get bigger and we can do play dress up make up Lebanese girls. Inshallah


Mona said...

I love make up too and don't use it nearly as much as I'd like to.

Anonymous said...

I wear makeup! I love it and when I go out with friends or a wedding or specilal night occasion I like to do the smoky eye effect! I have the right tools to do it otherwise I wouldn't be able to!

Kelly Deneen said...

I do wear make-up every day, but it is a minimalist look.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

I bet your girls will love reading this - they are beautiful. :)