Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GGGRRREEENNN all the way

Today I made the girls Avena or Oatmeal I had tried feeding them this before but they were not too thrill, however Abuela is always telling me to feed them that is the best, better than all of that junk they have available to feed the children breakfast. In Colombia we drink Avena very often, nowadays they even have a drink that you can buy at the supermarket, actually every time I go to Miami I stock myself in those drinks they are delicious.

Even at the age I am I have to admit when Abuela comes that is what I always ask her for to make me some Avena for breakfast...and is the real thing not those packages that you put in the microwave. So today I made it for them but this time I decorated it with sprinkles and it was a hit each of the girls ate a nenas get ready for Avena here it comes at least 3 times per week, I guess I should no be lazy once they start school, and I have to run to make them breakfast that would be an excuse but now is not an excuse.
Today we honor earth-green day, the girls and I all had something green. Mami had a green t-shirt, Samia had green shorts, Milo had green shirt and off we went to Lowe's to plant some more stuff in our indoor/outdoor patio. Today we planted Basil, Parsley, Tomatoes, Cilantro and a few more flowers and I also bough an orchid hopefully she can stay alive. Abuela has about 10 orchids every year they buy a new one to add to their collection.
We also did some learning with Samia a friend in Miami introduced me to Kumon a couple of years back, I have always like it and read about them, I know they have centers plus some books to teach the children about the alphabet however today I found some nice books of Kumon gear more to Samia's age and stuff she would like doing. And surely enough I had to stop her or else we would had finish the three books.
Today we did Let's Cut Paper - Let's Color - Let's Sticker and Paste she loved them and so did I.


Anonymous said...

Happy Earth Day! Looks like you are going to raise some very "green" minded girls!! ;-)

Umm Omar said...

Wonderful that you celebrated earth day with your kids.
I love kumon books!! They're great for little, little ones, aren't they?

mistika said...

Umm Omar - today is my first day and I am in love with them already I just search that they have them in Spanish as well I think I will buy the one I am missing in spanish.

pam said...

Happy Earth Day!

Amanda said...

I love real oatmeal! It's my favorite. The packaged stuff tastes horrible in comparison.

Happy Belated Earth Day!