Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crafts for learning, Trilingual, Backwards belief

I have always seen those letters made out of wood, but I wanted to do something from scratch, mainly because I have notice Samia is very interested in her letters so after much Internet surfing I found I could make them out of felt so I sew Samia's name and she help me fill them up, then we glue all different color buttons and shape this way we are working in the decor for their playroom in the new house and in Samia's learning. We would do Gamila's but I will not glue the buttons till Gamila can do them herself.

Also for the last couple of days Samia you have become a trilingual parakeet everything we read or we see in our SPY book you want to know how we say it in Spanish or Arabic. However I have notice you just want to know how the words sounds, I have to ask you to pronounce them. The funniest thing is when you ask me something in Arabic and I don't know how to say it and I have to call while I was having alone time outside baba call me 4 times because Samia wanted to know how to say Song in Spanish and many other words.

Also, at times when we are reading I will ask Samia how do we say this in Spanish or Arabic and the words she comes out with are hilarious. For example this morning we were all laying in bed and we were reading a book and I said Samia how we say apple in Arabic and she put on her thinking face with her finger over her lips and she rolls her eyes and says APPLELIN. Baba and I could not stop laughing and she has done this many times is just so funny.

Friday night I went over Bonnie's house so I could help her decorate the cupcakes and make a cake for the birthday party. So Baba was in charge of las nenas, I should also mention Friday las nenas woke up congested and with a bit of fever so we stayed indoors the whole day, before leaving I told baba to only bath them from their waist down. Gracias baba however when I went to take off their pajamas off on Saturday morning to bath them so we could go to the party I found this:
Their undershirts where backwards so I though it must be some kind of baba Egyptian belief. So I ask him Baba why the undershirts were backwards and his response was funny that is even hard to explain to him putting the undershirt backwards covers their chest and also being backwards keeps the cold away....Not sure if I made too much sense but after this explanation I was Blah blah,...that sounds just like NONO's belief that when ever the girls have a sore throat I am instructed by Nono in Miami to put a handkerchief around their chest and it does not stop there preferable silk I am assuming that is an Italian with Argentinian mix belief.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...interesting thought about the shirt backwards and hankerchief.

Wow-I love the letter! How creative of you!

And that picture of the girls is so cute!

Stylomom said...

Great Mistika! You are very creative and these girls are lucky to have creative hands at home.. Can you make a huge A for me? hehee.
I know about this hankerchief thing, very old arabic belief too.

scarletadyant said...

learning by playing...seems so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah we argentinian do that...but the handkerchief must be previusly hot with iron...ok i can't explain it in english.
Podes cubrir su pecho con paƱuelos calentitos, calentandolos un poquito con la plancha, eso hacemos por aca!.
Lol it's nice to find some latin married an arabic guy like myself. My pooor baby girl also has a salad of languages on her