Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dream on mami

So last night I could not sleep well, baba is not here for these whole week and after we gave Siwa away I never have peace of mind specially since las nenas room has a big window that make me afraid..what can I say I am a human chicken.

So in the middle of the night I was thinking if money was not an issue and I could get plastic surgery (although I have to be sincere I am not really a fan of them, but I don't discard the possibility that one day I might get one done (well I should rephrase it I think I need like a dozen)

So I picture my self walking into the Dr.'s office and telling him I want plastic SURGERIES, so I would take out my nice binder with pictures of:

Angelina Jollie for the lips
Jackeline Bracamontes for the cheeks bones
Shakira for the hair
Gamila for the eyes and eyelashes
Samia for the dimples
Elle MacPherson for the body

And then I can picture the Dr. looking straight into my eyes and with a very serious look tell me "Sorry lady but you need to be reborn" And then I will walk out of his office straight to Kinko's.

In Kinko's I will make a mini poster with all of my request get it laminated and attached it to my bra with a safety pin and carry it around, so the day I am reborn they can get my little mini poster and build me exactly to those requirements.

Wow mami you are surely a dreamer!!!! well nenas the fact that I am a mami does not stop me from dreaming y como se dice en espanol "Sonar no cuesta nada" (Dreaming is for free) not the best translation but I try.


Anonymous said...

hahaha you're so funny!! I can list all the things I might get some work done when I get older as long as I don't look like the octopulet mom!! That's scary ha?

Counselormama said...

That is funny, I also have an ongoing list of surgeries planned in my head, it gets longer every year!

Mona said...

Haaha! That's funny. I need to do that.

Stylomom said...

hahah. Great dream, never stop dreaming, never. My two nieces are going to be doctors soon and I beg them to be plastic surgeons, because God knows, I need them when the time comes!

mistika said...

Wenbren - defiantly I rather stay like I am than look like her.

Counserlormama - just keep the list

mona - we should

stylomom - they should become plastic surgeons so they can do them for you and me.