Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Broccoli Hair

I should start this post by saying what Samia thinks of Milo's hair "MAMI GAMILA'S HAIR LOOKS LIKE A BROCCOLI" Sorry Milo I try to keep it nice and neat but at times it surely looks like bushes.

One day this week the girls and I went to the Colombian restaurant it had being a while since we last went and when I was waiting for the food I saw a table of TEJO
Nenas I used to play Tejo with Abuelo when I was little, well I don't think I used to play but I loved to see Abuelo played. We used to have one in the farm and in every single place by the country side we will see one table is a very common game in Colombia or we would call it Sapo since there is a Frog shape in the middle of the table. Look at the picture, this boxes are also made in all colors I remember seeing them mainly in red and green.

We also went to get my glasses done, is so sad I have gotten more blind...I guess after the pre clampsia in both pregnancies my eyes took a beaten...nenas in no way I am blaming you I remember wearing glasses since I was 13 years old.

We also went to the party supply store just to browse and have some fun with the silly hats and glasses here is my Milo wearing some cute crazy glasses. Oh Milo lately when I say "We are three crazy " you respond "GGIILLLSS" ---- Also when I ask you "How old are you?" you respond "TTEESS" Three in Spanish...nena I think you are confuse with Samia's age
Silly faces
Abuela made this dress for you
Samia you have being taken so much care of your plants look at the tomatoes how they are growing and your mint today I made some Yummy Moroccan tea

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One Anxious Mommy said...

Cute dress! Love the silly faces!!