Monday, April 6, 2009

Growing to fast

When I was growing up in Colombia Abuelo would always buy a chocolate bar call Jet they used to have this stamps inside of them about animals to collect and make an album I think this was the first collection I had and afterwards I have always being a collector.
Not sure what year but I think when I was in high school I came across these cards about animals that came in packages of 10 I had to buy them and organize them in the binder they sold for them, I kept on collecting them for years I will always tell Abuela one day my children would learn about the animals with these cards. I think I collect them them for over 6 years. This last trip Abuela brought me the book with cards, some of them where out of order so I took time to fix them, I am still missing a few but I don't think they longer sell them. However I am happy Samia and Gamila would something to learn from the animals in Spanish something Mami collected for them and has taken care of all of these years.
Looking at this book makes realize how fast time has gone by, how fast the nenas are growing is hard to let go of their baby days and start seeing little girls emerging, creating their own personalities and their own habits, I guess all of these changes help us grow as mothers, to know that one day they would leave me and have their own lives. Abuela always tells me "You raise your children for others not for you and now I can see it more clearly specially with Samia".

On a complete different note like is common with mami, there is one thing about the blogs that I dislike.

-I dislike the blogs that have music, how can I read and understand if I hear music in the back I just can not deal with that one, maybe I am old and I can not concentrate if I hear tunes in the back.

Edited *
Nenas I just remember...SAmia yesterday we drop you off so we could travel to Thibodaux and get some things stray with the Seller....Gamila stay in her seat in the car and for about the first 30 minutes after we left Samia you did not stop saying "Sammmiiiaaa, Sammmmiiiaa......" It was just great to see how you where looking for your sister.


Anonymous said...

maybe you can go on ebay and find the ones you're missing! I know what you mean when I look at my seven yr old I think how fast the years are flying.

Mona said...

Wow that's wonderful. I too don't like blogs with music in the background.

KKGhoffman said...

I have that animal book too, but mine is in English! But we don't have that many cards

mistika said...

Wenbren- I will try it is a good idea

Mona - well at least I am not the only one outhere

KKGhoffman - wow that is cool

Stylomom said...

Great Mistika! Soo good that you still have these from long time ago..yes, kids miss their siblings after some time I like to see mine thinking and talking about their siblings too..

Counselormama said...

Wow, I was just thinking this today! I felt the urge to have another baby, because I was finding old baby stuff to give away, it made me so sad!

Anonymous said...

Eres una gran mama y tus dos bellezas lo reflejan. Que lindo que se quieren tanto! No amiga, no pienses que me habia aburrido de tu blog, eso jamas! Es que estaba un poco ocupada por aca.
Maria Eugenia