Friday, April 17, 2009

I want I want I want

I want I want I want.....
So I am always teaching the girls what we have in life is a privilege I just want them to be appreciative of things, but then I feel bad--- am I playing the "double standard game with them" because if you were to ask me now what I want in less than 2 minutes I can name you a dozen things and here is the list in no order of need (well it should be DESIRED)

Mother's bracelet
Smock Machine
Twin bed for Samia
Entertainment Center
El Cartel DVD series
Couple of books
Sex on the City Movie

I guess there comes the lesson that we might want many things but that does not mean that you are entitle to all of them. I guess this is one of those moments that being a mother helps me become a better human being and not preach what I am not doing (this was translated from Spanish so I think it does not sound how it is suppose to sound)

So nenas is okey to WANT many things, but we also have to be know that not always we are going to have ALL of them.


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts! I am constantly running down my mental list of things I "want". But I know I don't really need them all. Not today at least. ;-) I think it's an important trait to teach our children.

Anonymous said...

I like the feel of wanting things and keeps me grounded! I know I can work towards getting those things and it wouldn;t be fun if I could have everything at that moment that I want it because then its not a good feeling, you know the anticipation of getting something, did I make sense?

Counselormama said...

I am always trying to get my kids to see that they are lucky to have what they have. One time I told my daughter who did not want her dinner that some people are so poor they have to eat out of the garbage dumpsters, she just said, "eewww, why??"

Umm Omar said...

Oh, this is a toughie. Most of us are at least a little materialistic, and yet we don't want that for our children at all. I try to be moderate,and teach my children the same.

Lisa said...

Maybe you can start with the more needed things like the twin bed and go from there. Inshallah, you will eventually be able to get all of them, even the Sex And The City movie :) Love you dear.