Monday, March 16, 2009

Mix and Match

This would be a post with a little bit of everything.

For starters I am excited Mio Dolls made it all the way to Egypt and to Singapore, can not wait to see the little girls faces when they have their dolls. Is nice how everything is falling in place almost a year to Amira's anniversary and we have started to make more girls happy. Inshallah with the help of my friend Bonnie we would get more dolls out to Guatemala. I am also currently working on trying to get a connection with Brazil thru a very nice man from Columbia, SC. So it is working little by little we are making other little girls happy , and also a chance to teach our girls that there are others that might not be so fortunate as they are.

As of today we still don't know where we would living however that has not stop me from growing my indoor garden I had hopes of my garden in the new house, but for now I am marry to my 7 plants like Samia calls them:

1 mint
2 tomatoes
1 strawberry
3 flowers
She is in charge of watering them everyday, and truly it has work she enjoys seeing her plants, and is a nice exercise to give her some sense of routine.

The days have being gloomy and lots of rain so we have being staying home, the girls are starting to play more and more together however that also includes a phone call to Poison puedo creer que tuve que llamar (I can not believe I had to call poison Control)
Nenas you guys go from one extreme to the other from two little dress up princess to two little demolition buddies and to top it off how about a drink of Johnson and Johnson detangler. One moment we are playing, mami runs to the kitchen to start lunch and I come backs to broken pieces, mami runs to the kitchen to grab a bag so I can grab all of the broken pieces and then I find Gamila with the bottle and Samia sucking the thing to spray.
mami calmly calls Poison control...WHAT a GREAT service, one more reason to LOVE this country. I am amaze the customer service, the patience, this people are great..I am telling you I don't even think they have this in my country and if they do, they would say something like Hi, Mami please let me have your form of payment before we start the dialog. The gentleman even had me call an hour later...this are the things that make this country great.

After the whole episode pass thank God we did not have any of the symptoms the poison control told me to expect just judge by their faces no side effects:

Okey nenas a couple of weeks back mami decided to sew for her, yes for big mami and I did it, I sew this nice boho, gypsy pants. I was a bit afraid for the sewing specially going out with them, what if I sit and the stitches go off and then my behind is exposed in the middle of the street. I know I am insane but that was my fear what if my sewing is not strong enough for my nice overproportion curves. So to avoid all of these I decided I will wear a long shirt to cover my derriere just in case and for plan B I had a sweater in my bag so if the unthinkable happen I could wrap it around my waist.

And to wrap this up, I saw this kind of art craft a couple of months back in a Spanish craft website and I had to do it. Is all made out of thread no sewing just tape and thread is a bit time consuming but I think is hard to find something like this. I was thinking of making some and selling them just to be able to pay for the postage charges to mail my dolls.


KKGhoffman said...

oh no detangler and broken willow tree figures. Crazy day. I think everyone needs to get out of the house. Are yall going to JP tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

That must've been scary, but you kept your calm! Yeah kids are so fast and get into everything, it's specially scary when they're too quiet! I always know that's when they're being traviesos!

Anonymous said...

Very cute art projects! So scary calling poison control - one of my worst fears (of course I have MANY of those!). Your poor Willow Tree's - look they they went to war and lost!

Stylomom said...

HI again... yes I have been busy but thanks for asking. SO nice of you to have me in your thoughts. Heheh, I often have days like yours, but so far I never had a 'chance' to speak with anyone in emergency and I thank God for that.. take it easy and those are lovely pants, I am amazed at how prepared one can be just in case the pants tears! haha so funny really.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....I'm glad she's ok from drinking that. Yikes.