Sunday, March 15, 2009

Don't be scared -- She has powers!

I always talk about a cat that we had and I had to give away some months back. That cat was the first pet baba and I had as a couple...well I should clarify I did have Gully my gold fish that baba murder. So I remember like today we drove all the way from Queens to Seaside New Jersey and for those that are familiar with the Tri-state area is a long drive specially on a Sunday afternoon when you have everybody commuting back to the city.

We got our cat with only a few weeks old. The following Monday I call my Mio and ask her what to name her since she absolutely adore cats and she named her "Karamella". I had never owned a cat in my life, while growing up for some reason Abuela always told me they were dirty and I also had an uneasy fear of cats, I always though they were going to jump at my throat.

So that first Monday at home alone with Karamella while baba worked I was thinking the moment this cat pipi's outside the litter box, she is out of the house since I had heard that cat's pipi is the worst, and is full of ammonia almost impossible to get out. So I made a bunch of excuses in my mind in case I had to get rid of her what I will tell baba. Needless to say there was no need for any of those stories I learned cats are the cleanest animals on earth.

In August of 2003 Mio came and stayed with us in New York for 2 moths it was the first time of me meeting her in person, but thanks to messenger I felt like I knew her forever, well she even had a pictures of Karamella. From the moment Mio enter that door Karamella forgot me and Mio was her owner, she was with her day and night. Karamella's menu change from cat food to yogurt, boiled eggs and cheese for those two months she spoil that cat like crazy.

So Karamella became part of the family even after she went back she would ask about her, and I have to admit I did see Karamella a little weird after she left I figure she was missing her. Then we moved to SC there we got Morena, also a puppy so Karamella in a weird way became her mom, she would lick her and play together.

I have to clarify while all of these was going on the moves, the long hours of us at work that cat never had an accident outside her littler box, and she never wanted to go outside, I could leave the door open and she was not interested at all in being outside.

So here we are in Baton Rouge August of 2007 all of a sudden Karamella starts to spray/pipi (don't know really what is the difference between the two) and she starts doing it in the the beginning I though they were accidents but the situation got worse. I was getting worry for many reasons my mom was coming to visit us, I was pregnant. So I started doing 100 crazy things, I put pepper all over the couch to keep her off, I put packing tape in the couch so when she would jump in the couch her paws would get stuck --- you name it I did it, but it continue.

The day Abuela arrived I told baba if this continues she has to go. The sad news she did not go, Morena die a couple of weeks latter all of a sudden. After Morena's dead the couch was clean, first Morena never slept on it again and secondly Karamella never climb the couch again.

At this time I did not relate the two.

March, April and May of 2008 Karamella starts pipi again in top of controls anywhere she could, I was going crazy cleaning up with a baby in the house and a toddler. Poor baba had to listing to my nagging with a Clorox rag in his hand. While all of these was going on Amira was getting sick and more sick in Egypt -- at all of these I did not relate the two. All of a sudden Karamella stops the pipi, not sure when it was however I do recall that in early June of 2008 I got fed up and I went upstairs and gave her away to the neighbors.

Amira enter the hospital in April. From April to July we though she was in the hospital, however she had passed away on May 9th, Guido and Zetu never had the courage to tell us for many reasons, is hard to understand, but who am I to blame. To this day I cry for her almost everyday so regardless of when we found out the pain would be the same.

After all of these I came to the conclusion that Karamella could sense when somebody was going to die. One more reason I am happy she is gone, I would be scared every time she acted in some weird way. I did some research and also found a story about a cat in a nursing home that could sense when someone was going to past away.

Nenas in no way I am discouraging you to get a cat one day, I just wanted to shared this story with the two of you.


Mama Kalila said...

Wow. The first one makes complete sense.. being so close to the puppy she had to have known something was wrong... Animals pick up things that we miss. Maybe she smelled different from what ever was wrong. Who knows. The second is just odd though.

Btw.. the different between spraying and pipi is pretty easy. Boy kitties spray... Its a way of marking their teritory w/ pipi. Girl cats won't do it... but if the do pipi outside their litterbox when trained then something is wrong, either w/ them or something around them.

Mrs. D Lightful said...

I wanted to thank you for the award you gave me! I have been a little behind in my blogging endeavors as life has a tendency to get a little crazy...but really, thank you so much! :)

Anonymous said...

:( Poor kitty.