Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abuela a never ending love

Samia this was when you were born mami one day would tell you why I look so bad!

Samia here is abuela feeding you when you were days old

Samia as you can see she is always taking care of you like she took care of me one more reason to love and adore and take care of your abuela always.

Samia you are growing too too fast now we play many games...mainly talking back an forth lately we are counting the days since Abuela is coming to visit us. You have a list of things you want to do with her and it goes somewhere on the lines of.

Abuela is going to sleep with me.

Abuela is going to take me to chuck and cheese -- this one had a little bit of dialog I told her yes Abuela is going to take paused look at me and said mami you are going to drive -- I said no Abuela would take you and then all of a sudden you said...Wow mami driving is hard.

I do have to admit while we were camping Samia you got to drive the car within the camping ground...I remember Abuelo sitting me in his lap while he was driving slowly -- so in the camping ground I let you drive well so you think, more like in my lap while we were driving 5 mph inside the camping ground (wow hopefully someone does not call Social Services on me).

Samia you also want abuela to cook with you.

Abuela is going to play hooch pock like you call it and also play with your plants.

I love that abuela is coming -- I know many moms outhere feel the same way I feel when Abuela comes and I see how my nenas run to her and abuelas face lights up. Is hard to explain all the feelings I feel when I see how my kids make my mom happy I feel happiness, proud, love is one of those sensations that can not be express only felt.

I guess it all bottoms out how we always want to make our parents happy not matter how old we are or what stage of our life we are in.


Anonymous said...

Awww! What an amazing abuela!

maria said...


El amor de una abuela es algo muy especial! My mom loved my son so much. I still grieve over the fact that she died when he was 7 years old. Enjoy your time with your mom. La madre es una sola, y cuando se pierde, no hay nada en el mundo que te llene ese vacio.

Maria Eugenia

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Yay Abuela's coming to visit! Lovely pictures and tribute to your dear mami!

Mona said...

Great pics. Have a great time with your Mom!

on the edge said...

You looked just fine ! And lucky you to have such a nice Abuela !