Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beauty yesterday, today and tomorrow 1

I love to do home remedies and of course home beauty tips...not sure if they work or they are just pass on for generations in the family, or you hear from your friends mom and from your friends grandmother you tried it out and you loooovvveee iitttt!

Here are a few that I do, I have done or I am about to do.

Mayonnaise with an egg in your hair I used to do this when I was younger although getting that egg smell off my head took days and days.

Titi Mio then introduce me to olive oil in the hair and I love it, that I still do it.

Boil chamomile the real ones the flowers then mix it in a spray bottle with a few drops of lemon and every time I will be outside the whole day I will spray my hair with it, supposedly to give me natural highlights. Abuela teach me this, and I think this summer I will star doing it
in Samia

In a bowl put ice cubes then two tea bags lay down and put the bags on your eyes and wallah like a new person.

When I was younger living in Miami I will take baby oil, cinnamon, carrot juice and used it as tanning lotion this recipe has being in the family for decades is very common in Colombia.

Henna I never used it but I remember abuela used to use it in Colombia to make her hair really shinny and it did work.

I know they are many more but they don't come to my head now would post more later on!


Anonymous said...

yeah i use a whole bunch! My mom taught me a facial with oatmeal, milk and honey it clarifies your skin, also as an exfoliator for facila skin olive oil with sugar and drops of lemon, and for the body honey with salt!

scarletadyant said...

When I was a teenager I have tried some kind of traditional cosmetic. But it was impracticable way. I'm not a type of patient person so then I left that way...

Mona said...

Wow, never heard of those..I like eggwhite for the face though.

mistika said...

Wenbren - I want the try the body honey with salt kind of a sweet and sour.

Mona - tell me about the eggwhite for the face

Scarletadyan - I know it can be messy and long

maria said...

Cuban people use the chamomile tea to lighten the hair also. As a young girl, I had dark blonde hair and after going out in the sun with the tea in my hair I would get beautiful blonde highlights. It really works!

Maria Eugenia

mistika said...

Maria - I had so many cuban friends in miami I love my cafe cubano, la medianoche ya te imaginaras la comida cubana es deliciosa

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....maybe I'll try the tea bag idea.

mistika said...

Yaya - try it is awesome the relief is unbelievable