Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When did I lost my love for pets?

So today we stayed home, I can call myself a hermit, I can stay home for days and days however the girls push me outside, however today I felt like staying home and we did some fun home activities. I went online and printed some domino's for Samia and some puzzles I went as far as covering with packing tape so they don't get destroyed and we can save them to play another time. We also played hosh posh like she calls it. Is playing with chalk.

Today we heard from Siwa she is having the time of her life in her other home...really I think that after I had kids my love for animals went out the door. Or maybe the love for any animal that requires walking, cleaning up poop, bathing and so forth. The doves are manageable so those are still safe here After having the girls we had a dog die on us. A cat that scared the crap out of us that is another post, and a dog that drove me towards insanity. I used to loved to have animals --- maybe it was because while I was growing up I was not allow to have them and if I had them it was against Abuela and Abuelo approval.

Whenever we would go to the farm I remember being 8 and filling jars with toads then putting them in the car so they could come home with us and when abuelo would start driving and he would brake or change gears those jars would start rolling and the screaming in the car "Culicagados ahora que hicieron" (culicagados translation relates to children with dirty butts is a veryyyyy Colombian word) So mainly Abuelo and Abuela would be asking Tio Fabio and mami what the heck have the two of you done now.

I also remember having a dog but only being allow to be in the patio...dogs were not allow inside the house they were gross, smelled bad in abuela and abuelo's eyes.

Then we come to the USA where pets are first class citizens and once again the answer at home when we would ask for a pet was NO NO..however Tio Fabio and mami had different plans. Let's start by the time we stole 4 ducks from the lake while Abuela was at work. We chase them in our bikes till we catch them and put them in our pillowcases then we brought them back home and put them to sleep with us. When abuela got home from work we were sleeping already. Nenas abuela worked very very hard to give us a nice home (another post). So she came in to the room like always to kiss us goodnight when she heard the quack and turn on the light on, and she found the ducks had done number 2 all over the beds and floor. Tio Fabio and I were in love with the ducks in our innocent minds they love us too. At 11 o'clock at night we were force to take them back to the lake she drove the car while we drove our bikes..when we finally came home the lecture went on for a couple of hours...first how dare we take something that was not ours...who gave us permission to bring animals into the house...ducks are not pets and I could go on and on.

Then came the turtle we found in the lake, we made her our pet her home became our bath tub, that was till the day abuela said she wanted to disinfect the bathtub and put the turtle in the patio while she cleaned and SUPPOSLY by the time she came back to bring back the turtle she had left the patio...uhhhmmm hard to believe that our lovable turtle would leave her 5 start accommodations for a muddy lake.

Then came the rabbits they did not stay for long....I think we did not even had enough time to name them...

Then came single hood in NYC no pets in my small basement it would be the pet or I opted for Gullie my gold fish that lasted 5 years till my Egyptian Pharaoh killed him, he change his water and put plain water from the tap, my poor fishy drown in the Hudson water.

Then came Morena my black lab in South Carolina boy did I love that dog she was the best. She travel all over with us, she had such manners she would stay in 5 start hotels and we would no be worry she was going to destroyed the room. She slept with baba and mami, she was the best. Unfortunately she die. Then came Siwa she came fast and furious and left the same way..and NO MORE PETS in Elashry Casa for a very very long time.

Is hard to tell if las nenas would like pets at their age. However baba loves animals if it was for him we would live in a farm with lambs, cows, horses etc etc. I think it also has to do with his upbringing Zetu does not like pets inside the house. I think it has to do with Islam I think they are not suppose to have dogs inside the house because they lick and their saliva is dirty or not healthy -- they are only allow as guards or helpers inside the house(I don't agree with this 100% but I respect it)...however nenas baba loves dogs inside the house.

Is about 7:00 PM Gamila is already sleeping and Samia you my sneaky one has already figure out baba is out of town so from 6:30 PM on you start your blackmail technique with mami so you can sleep with me it all starts like this:

- Oh mami baba not home
- I love you mami
- I miss you
-You beautiful
-You want to read in bed

For those of you that know Samia she moves her hands non stop that is very Spanish and times it seems I am talking to an octopus I see hands fly, clap, touch her hips, touch my face, blow kisses, cover eyes and so so forth.

-So then I will say Samia we need to put you in bed and she would look at me and say mami but baba not here.....I am speechless and I give in---


pam said...

I think that once you have kids, pets take a backseat. Pets were the babies up until that point.

Anonymous said...

Oh your babies are so precious! Yes I agree with Pam that happened to our dog snickers, once we had kids she had take the backseat. Nimodo! I added you to my list by the way thanks!

maria eugenia said...

We have two dogs at home. One is a miniature schnauzer and the other is a wheaten terrier. My son LOVES them. It has made being an only child a lot easier. I never liked dogs and neither did hubby, but my son cannot live without them. Now we are used to them also. So, our son taught us to love and appreciate animals.

Mona said...

LOL at hosh posh! I love animals and my kids want a pet but I developed an allergy to cats unfortunatley and we don't have the room for a dog...maybe a turtle!

mistika said...

Pam - I agree with you after Gamila the interest just disappear

Wenbren - Gracias por las nenas ya estas en el mio tambien

Maria Eugenia - actually you are the second couple I know that did not like dogs but they learn to love them because of their only child..

Mona - Oh I can imagine the kids wanting them, I remember seeing turtles being sold in Alexandria

Lizzie Fish said...

i am in love with your blog. =)

Counselormama said...

I know about the pets and kids! Before we had kids, Sable, our lab, was our baby! We took so many pics of her, took her to the dog park, bought her gifts...then the kids cam along and I didn't have the energy for both! Poor dog probably resented my kids. She died a year ago from old age, but we all still miss her.

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blog

Khadra said...

I feel the same way now about animals, well sort of. I looooooved cats before I had kids and then as soon as I had my first child, the cat was not so important anymore. And now, I like the pets better than I did at first, but still not as much as before kids. And I think you are also right that having to take care of one more creature's poop is just TOOO much!

Stacey said...

How did I miss that Siwa got a new home?!

Nur said...

que buenoo, tienes la oprotunidad de ver la religion en tu realmente maravillosa :)
además que rico es cuando la vida esta llena de diferentes cosas, sobre todo culturas...
muy lindo tu blog :)
cuidate mucho!
y nos vemos pronto

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you stole ducks!? Lol!