Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eyes - Hands - Feet

I am always looking at my pictures of when I was a baby, a young girl and then a teenager and I am always looking at my eyes and how much they have change as well as my hands and feet.  Not sure if las nenas would do the same but I think it would be nice for them to see  what their look like at 15 months and 35 months.  Looking at these pictures I can only say wow wow they are different!
And yes nenas mami has an odd mind!!!!!! Hopefully one day we will sit the 4 of us and look at this pictures together.
Innocent Eyes
Clumsy hands


Nur said...

Aaah your girls are very beautiful
nice eyes and lovely feets and hands!
i just want a baby right now T.T
May God bless your nenas
que Dios bendiga a tus hijas !

Maria Eugenia said...

I was born with blue eyes and they turned to green when I was four years old. My son was also born with blue eyes and now they are a beautiful shade of green. Your daughters have beautiful eyes. God bless them!

Maria Eugenia

Stylomom said...

Oh yes, they have lovvvvvvveeeeelyyyyy eyes. And I cant get enough at looking at their pics! So gorgeous your girls are!

Anonymous said...

Que lindas! That's great that you took pictures of their eyes, hands and feet so close! They will appreciate these pictures when they get older!

Counselormama said...

How beautiful! I love those pics! I am going to take the same ones of my kids!

Mrs. D Lightful said...

How sweet! I need to do that for my girls. I love those same 3 features on them.

mistika said...

Nur - eres super divina, si Gracias a Allah las nenas son adorables.

Maria Eugenia - Thank you so much. Samia's eyes have always being dark from they day she was born. Gamila's were gray when she was born. I have hears about the eyes changing as they grow

Stylemom - Thanks you so so much

Wenbren - Thanks, I wish that when I was born they had access to cameras the way we do now, I would love to see pictures like this of when I was a baby

Counselermama - Do them I always think what if they don't read my blog and so forth, but then I think I will be reading it in my old age enjoying them.

Mrs. Delight - I want to see them when you take them, the girls would enjoy them later on.

Anonymous said...

So cute!