Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wacka, wacka weird

Like all of you know by now my mind is always going like 300 mph today I wrote in a paper every single different though that came to my mind.

-I love blogging one for the nenas, two I get to practice my writing skills which are not that good I have ideas but getting them in paper can be some times confusing and my grammar oh boy - I will get an "F" that is why I choose to be an accountant.

There are some words that no matter how much I write them I always write them wrong thank God for speller check. here is a list --
  • man or men (still trying to remember which one is plural or singular) and next to it goes woman - women
  • which always gets written like wich or wish
  • written or writte always forget one "t" or two "t"
  • this versus these - this is always a puzzle for me
  • past tense I think i will need an intense super duper intense course in this
  • beautiful this one I always misspelled

On a different note nenas I always wonder which one of the two of you would do what I do for instance:

  • I love to eat a banana while I am eating chicken soup
  • I love to eat avocados while I am eating chicken soup
  • I love to stick my crackers, bread and cheese inside my coffee
  • Baba only eats white meat of the chicken
  • I only eat the dark meat of the chicken
  • I like my eggs soft in the yolk
  • Baba loves his eggs hard the yolk
  • When we eat the whole fish I love to eat the eyes
  • I don't like the sides of the bread the crust -- this upsets baba so so much
  • When ever I have a headache I make myself a triple espresso and wallah is gone
I know you guys must be going grossgross fish eyes...bread inside coffee wacka wacka.



Stacy said...

EWWWW, fish eyes... I would have never thought Miss Pickey you would eat that!!!

Anonymous said...

What do fish eyes taste like crunchy or soft? Lets see, I like to dip all my cookies in milk and I like to fry my pancakes como mi mama los hace!

maria eugenia said...


I came across your blog and I love it! Tienes unas ninas preciosas. I am a Cuban girl married to an Egyptian/Lybian guy. We have been married for almost 17 years. It has been a very interesting journey. We have one 13-year-old son who is the light of our lives. I loved reading all your posts, especially the ones on how you combine your traditions.

Maria Eugenia

Lizzie Fish said...

fish eyes??? ewwww...

the one time i cooked whole fish, i had to get paul to cut off the heads for me. =)

mistika said...

Stacy - oh yes actually a friend in NY introduce them to me and wow wow they do taste good.

Wenbren Explains it all - they taste soft oh I love to dip my cookies in milk, and frying the packages sounds tempting, I learn the dipping of my food in coffee from my mama

Maria Eugenia - I am so happy to know you being marry for 17 years it shows the pessimist out there that is possible. I love cuban stuff lived in Miami for a veryyyy long time. Gracias que te guste my blog me fascina que te fascine...sigue en contacto..me imagino que tu hijo debe de ser divino con la mezcla cubana y arabe.

Counselormama said...

You are funny! My mom was born and raised in Mexico and she gets things mixed up too, she has been here for 40 years now! She calls her forehead her "fronthead", etc.

Anonymous said...

Of course you may add me! Thank you! I love your blog! Is it ok if I add you to mine??

mistika said...

wenbren explains it all - yes you can.

Mona said...

I thank God for spell check too..for me it's always definitely spelled wrong.

*~Ange~* said...

god.. i even get confused over english at times

Ola said...

it's my first time to visit ur blog .. I really like it & like ur daughters :)
it seems that u r a good mother

I'll come back again ;)

Alba said...

Hola :)!
Me gusta tu blog - muy interesante. Sé como se siente porque mi espanol necesita mejorar y siempre estoy confundida con las palabras y la gramatica espanola! Pero tu ingles es perfecto!! Naciste en Colombia? Espero que me entiendes, si no - lo siento.
p.s. tus niños son preciosos!
Cuidate y salam alaikum,

mistika said...

Mona - that word also puzzles me all the time

Ola - Thanks so much

Alba - te entiendo perfecto lo escribes super super bien. Si naci en Colombia, de donde eres tu?
Gracias por lo de las nenas.

Khadra said...

we all need spell check lol!!

no fish eyes for me please!
and the caffeine in your espresso is what is helping your headache! Im glad something works for you!

Anonymous said...

I know just what you mean! I didn't realize how bad my english was until blogging. Your no alone!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog, lovely to see you there!

Alba said...

Gracias mistika :). I'm from Scotland so I still make alot of mistakes in Spanish! Your country is beautiful though, I learnt quite a lot about it because I have been a big Shakira fan for many years haha.