Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine party facts.

So today we went to the valentines party organize by our mommy group because of the unpredictable weather we had to change our location and then the fiasco started. The worry about the price of having fun, how much food we were taking, what crafts we would do, who would cancel at the last moment and the list can go on and on, but the bottom line the kids had fun and we always say as longest they have fun we are okey.

Looking back at the message board just that post about the Valentine Party has over 90 entries all about organizing the Gala for the toddlers, is just hilarious. I think the Social organizer for the White House could learn from us. There was a very brave daddy that did not mind being surrounded by all of progesterone in that room, spending time with his two princess was more important.

Samia and Gamila you too enjoyed it and mami did as well TODAY I overcame the fear of getting inside and inflatable jumpy house, I was always afraid that first I did not fit and people were going to have to look at my behind for hours while they came up with a plan to take me out, or my other fear what if I can come in but not come out..but today my good friend Stacy inspired me and I JUMP and JUMP and JUMP till I got tired.

Oh Samia for the very first time you went up the big slide all by yourself I am very proud of you chiquita mia.

So after seeing all the mami's having their kids dress up with Valentine clothing made me feel bad. Am I to plain should I put more emphasize in this celebration with my daughters, but the truth even at home we don't really celebrate I see it as a day of lovers. To top it off when we came home and I open the goody bags and found all the beautiful cards her little friends had given them and the bags with treats I was getting worst and to really top it off the package from ABUELA that one kill me she had send them cards and made them clothes. And me the mami nothing....uhmmm I guess I do have till tomorrow so nenas I am trying to come up with a tradition for Valentines I don't want to make it an spending one maybe I just have Samia and Gamila just paint and paint hearts in different pieces of paper so baba can take with him while he is gone, maybe one for everyday he is gone.

Oh nenas mami also found out yesterday that Juanita mention her in her blog I had no idea blogging was so much fun and you would make so many friends here without making any effort is like a chain reaction.


Kim said...

Those clothes from Abuela are ADORABLE! Tell her she can adopt my kids as well! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is fun meeting so many new blogging friends! I am glad you had fun - it's so great when they go down the slide by themselves! :-)

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum.. firstly, i just want to correct some things regarding the valentines day. actually most of us do not know the true history or story behind it. it is actually a day to celebrate the death of a priest whose name is Valentine. get the the idea? because he was killed when trying to spread the message of christianity. it was a long story but that was how the story like. so since the death of valentine, the christians chose a day to remember their beloved priest and they celebrated it till today. but now tme muslims have been foolished and celebrated it thinking that it was to celebrate a day of love.

Stylomom said...

Nevermind Mistika dont feel bad about anything.. Have a great Valentines day no less! and a great weekend too!

Stylomom said...

By the way, I have the same fear about these bouncy castles..

mistika said...

Kim - she used to sew for us and she is trying to remember so many years after but it felt so nice putting it on the girls is priceless.

Yaya - Lots of fun you have fun in your valentines

One Anxious Mommy - yes i have made tons of friends and love it, and tell me about going alone down the slide I always fear getting stock.

Anonymous - thanks for teaching me what Valentines means - I love that next year I will teach Samia Is hard now days not to celebrates things when you turn around and everything is hearts and commercial items.

Stylemom - Enjoy your day hopefully you have the kids with you, and you have to try the bouncing is a stress release.

pam said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Nice to meet you.

ellen557 said...

I'm glad you had a lovely day with your kids :):) thanks for following my blog ^_^