Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweet and Sour Weekend

So the weekend was a sweet and sour, I guess I should start by the sweet.

That would be the Animal Fun we had at the party I had a Cowgirl sheriff and a Flower pink girl Saturday was the much anticipated birthday party of Addison her mom had the savvy idea of making it in a farm and it was great. Samia wanted to wear her attire since early on the morning, I took out her attire and place it in top of her bed a couple of hours later this is what I found
I have also being teaching her we do letters for baba and mami and Gamila so now she decided that she wanted to make a birthday card for her friend Addison and here is her end result. Finally we went to the party and mami went crazy taking pictures, I would love to be able to post of them here but I have to choose and is hard to believe how difficult this task is is ridiculous.
Really there is not much to say only that the girls had a blast and so did I, just enjoy the pictures.
For some reason Gamila loves crossing her arms and I LOVE IT!!!
Now my not so sweet story...Siwa is no longer with us we gave her away to a very nice family where she is going to have a yard to run and get all of that energy out, and not knowing where we are going next is hard for us to keep her. So Inshallah they would take care of her. The truth baba is sad but me not really and Samia and Gamila have not even notice that she is gone.
Also baba left today for 10 days so I was thinking what can we give him that he would be close to us at all times, and I decided to make hand prints so at night or in the morning he can place his hand over our hand prints. The process of making this hand prints was a funny one, Samia decided to make two hand prints, Gamila did not want her hand full of pain mami loved it.
We had Chinese on Valentine day's and baba open two of the fortune cookies (nenas hide those cookies he always eats them) and here is the fortune


Stacy said...

On no, Siwa!! But like you said, not knowing where ya'll are going, it's probably for the best. Samia and Gamila look like they had lots of fun at Addison's b-day, I'm still sad that we missed it!!

Stylomom said...

The girls look sooo gorgeous, any chance they can be posted overseas? Gamila looks so funny with arms folded, did she learn this from you?

Mona said...

I love your blog!! Your kids are so adorable. Also You've been tagged.

Khadra said...

Sweet idea with the hand prints!
I also tagged you on my blog...same thing as Mona did :)