Friday, February 13, 2009

uhhh Friday the 13th crazy Superstitions

So baba keeps on asking me why so much buzz about Friday 13 and to tell you the truth I am not sure what it means, I think if in this world of making every thing commercial they could come up with some objects for Friday the 13 they would be selling them like hot bread to make money...Nenas when I turn 13 it was a Friday the 13, I just remember everybody in school even the teachers making the comment "Wow, Friday the 13"

Now is time to share some of our crazy superstitions, just imagine the west meeting the east there are too many to mention in Colombia we call them MALAGUERO or FALWASHY, and is funny how we follow them just because we grew up around them we never question why or what they mean or are they for real..Nenas this bieng said you can question me about them and if I don't have an answer you can discard them Knowledge is power, on my side I will start researching them.

Wow and then I met baba who has hundreds some are the same as the ones I have and some others one are completely different. Some even make us laugh on both sides because they become and involuntary action here are a few examples, I know nenas by the time you read this you will know them by memory.

This one baba follows ALL the time, he believes shoes should be place neatly next to each other if not it means a fight, so if Baba is nice and comfy watching TV and Samia or mami take off the shoes and just throws them he will stand up to fix them. I always see him doing this in the closet with my shoes. Oh boy I will wish it was the clothes instead of the shoes so he could fix his cloths.

Mami comes homes everything can hit the floor except the purse NEVER money goes fast if you do so.

Mami never pases the salt in the table always place it under the table and have the other pick it up.

Baba when we go in a trip we have to come inside the house two times with the right foot, meaning we would come back.

Baba does not believe in having fish in the house they are bad luck..I think that is why Gullie my fish die when we first met.

Baba and Mami never have shells inside the house.

Baba believes you can not sweep, vacuum, or mop at night just bad luck

Baba you are not suppose to cut nails at night just bad luck

Baba you are not suppose to play ball at home just bad luck

Mami whenever we want someone to leave our house we stand up the broom behind a door.

Baba whenever someone comes to your home and you don't want them to come back you
break a glass after they left.

Baba and mami knocking in wood

Baba and mami believe that if a mirror, glass anything that breaks related to glass or mirrors should be taking outside the house immediately.

Mami dropping the salt gives me an eerie feeling.

Baba and mami never open an umbrella inside the house

Baba and mami the famous bad eye

Mami before someone comes to your home fill a glass with water and after they leave throw the water away.


The Cairo Wife said...

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Khadra said...

Im wondering why you fill water in a glass and then throw it out after someone leaves?

Do you think if I go outside and break a glass after my MIL leaves, she wont come back??!!

mistika said...

Khadra - the water is to get all the bad vibes you discard them
the MIL you should try it next time even if it does not work you will feel good getting your frustrations out.