Monday, February 16, 2009

The lost Engineer and more

Nenas, Guido is an مُهَنْدِس engineer and his dream was for baba to be one however baba choose the art, but I think guido had a hint baba had it in him or maybe after he met me the one that ones to open everything and check the insides. So my laptop finally said GOODBYE, although is just the DC power jack has to be fix nothing major -- well this is baba's and mami's philosophy. So Sunday before he left we decided to Tackle Gateway
While we tackle Gateway, Gamila tamper with baba's luggage
One of the best things of being a parent is seeing how kids are always doing something different

Nenas today was the first day I gave you the popping candy and it was so funny Gamila you were making faces and more faces, Samia you kept on asking me "Mami who making that sound"
On a new note Nenas lingo class. Today our friend Jazmin came over the house she is from Mexico so we were laughing so much with the words she uses or I use and their meaning. Some of the words mami says are bad words for her and some of the stuff she says makes no sense to mami here is a little bit. So nenas when you guys get older you will know what to say in front of your Mexican friends and vice versa would know what they mean.

Jazmin always tells me "Wow Gamila's hair is CHINO" Mami would always think in her head what the hell is wrong with her, Samia's hair is CHINO not Milo's, but I was embarrass to correct her. Well the mystery was resolve for Mexicans Chino means curly hair and for Colombians Chino means straight hair or someone from China or small kid.

Sorry to my Mexican readers for the bad word I am about to say for them and not for me. The other day while her and I were talking on the phone I was telling her about my Dr. and in the conversation I said something like "That Dr. was a PENDEJO" for Mexicans this is a VERY VERY bad word for us Colombians is not that bad, however is not a word I would be telling my mother. I know nenas maybe I should not be teaching you this but I rather for you guys to learn it from mami than from a complete stranger. Nenas there are certain words we know but we don't make a use them in our conversations. Nenas I can guarantee you that when Abuela read this she would call me and tell me "Culicagada que estas escribiendo malas palabras", "Anamaria what are you writing bad words????"


Lizzie Fish said...

This is so funny! If you go to my list and click on Flynn Family...they are stationed in Bogota right now! What a small world. =)

*~Ange~* said...

your baby is so funny inn the suitcase. very cute

wenbren explains it all said...

Ay pero a veces pendejo lo usamos para jugar o veces para criticar como "Como eres pendejo ya mero te caes!"