Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roll the red carpet ! AWARD time.

So I started this blog in order last summer, I was not even aware there was a blogger community outthere and the only thing I can say is that blogging gets addicted. I was just given my first very first award thanks to Ange. Shookran awy habibi, Thank you!

Now is my turn to give it around and it was kind of hard to decided here it goes, and bloggers take this opportunity to spread the blog Award to your favorite blogs!

Yaya Stuff  - I really enjoy reading her blog she is funny and very real and is in a very long difficult journey and I can not wait to see her become the best mami of the world.

crabgoggles - She is great that summons it all!

stylomom - I love her blog it has a little bit of everything and her girls are adorable!

thepickettsworld - She is a great mom, friend, daughter, sister

lovetodaydream - This is my Spaniard mom, I love how she is so open to culture and her daughter is gorgeous.

Okey girls congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!
I LOVE it!

I know, I had NO IDEA there were all these blogs in the world when I started mine too!

Anonymous said...

ohhh Gracias!!! wow this is the second award I get, I didn't know my blog was liked so much hehe, thank you!!!! Now I have to write more

Anonymous said...

hey i cannot copy the image, can you send me as an atachment in an email? thanks! elena

Khadra said...

Thank you!!! I will post about it tomorrow!

Stylomom said...

Ah God Mistika! Not many people know my blog, and I write about whats in my head, thank you so much, its an honour, I would like to thank my mom, my dad, my .... hehehe. I often pretend im at the Oscars when my students say something nice to me... hehe. thanks deary!

Kim said...

I know exactly what you mean. I started my blog at the end of spring, totally clueless about the blogger community and completely unaware how fun—but addictive—blogging can be!