Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wrapping up the weekend with a rash!

So the weekend was a good one at home sewing for my nenas and getting annoyed with Gamila's rash, esa vaina has me crazy yes it even hurts me to look at her and I know she is not in pain but I feel ants crawling over me when I see her face.
Yesterday we went to the library and then to the park..Samia you are shy girl compare to Gamila she was networking the library room by the time we left she had made some kind of relation with about 7 kids, I will dare to say that she was the one that introduce you to the crowd..I love the duo you too make the introvert and the extrovert. Allot like baba and mami when they are out and about .
Today we stayed home waiting for our friends Alexandra and Samantha, baba and mami experience what it would be to have 4 children at home within the same age range and to those out there that are thinking of experiencing 4 uhmm is not easy. For some reason Samantha was in love with baba she slept in his arms the whole time, Ms. Alexandra and Samia fought 15 minutes of every hour but then they would be kissing and hugging.
Nenas today I was thinking about manners how we have to treat our guest when they come over. Nenas I have had the opportunity to meet many cultures and just alone in our family we have Arab, Colombian, Argentinian, Spaniard, Italian and puerto rican, and I have learn is not the culture is the manners that are teach at home.
Nenas always remember we feed our guest we offer them drinks we make them fill comfortable.
We make them feel welcome, we go out of our way to make them feel at home. This goes with the teaching always do things from the bottom of your heart, when you do things like this you don't feel any kind of obligation and the moments becomes a pleasant one. We would have many years to learn this lesson, but I know is one that is teach since an early age. I remember Abuela teaching me to share my cookies and drinks when my friends use to come over. Gracias Abu!
On another note today we played Veggie Angels and Starts....for the girls to eat their veggies I make shapes with them, today we had the angel with gold hair that being the corn...believe me just judge by the pictures the plate full of broccoli, cauliflower was wipe clean.


Khadra said...

I love the way you tell the girls stuff through your blog!

I understand four young kids at home lol! It is not at all easy. What it is, is NOISY!

Mona said...

Khadra, exactly...the sheer volume!

Mistika, yea Gamila does look alot like Salwa!

Deron and Tina said...

Veggie are always so full of good ideas!