Friday, January 30, 2009

Outside fun and the Gadget Dilema!

Today we did some cooking at a friends house it was fun the kids enjoy it and the mami's did as well!

Gamila I am proud you are becoming more independent and not so needy..Thank God!

Samia you have become a very interesting little girl when it comes to your fashion style. You love skirts and those cow boots and thanks to Ms. Kim your a die for combination

Afterward mami when to help her dear friend, then on the way back we pick up some books and you guys wanted to stop at the park and have some fun so mami decided to take you out for a walk and take pictures.

Mapamipi, epestapa tripriztepe bapabapa repecipibiopio upnapa nopotipiciapia quepe repequipieperepe campambipiarp depe capasapa.
(no my computer did not act up is a language I used when I was growing up with tio Fabio when we were growing up, nenas by the time you read this I would had teach you this code language) Some of you that speak spanish would be able to decipher it.

I went a little overload with the picture taking today, I think baba is thankful I don't print them or else we will be in big trouble.

You know nenas I always wonder Why there are so many gadgets in this world. The world of technology can be a little scary.

Do we use all of these gadgets wisely?

Are we opening our lives to much to the public? but then again the moment I turn on a computer our life is out in the open.

I mean now days we can literally be in a powder room and have access to someone in the other side of the hemisphere, this is insane, I remember when I was growing up seeing western cowboy books in my restroom now we can go in there with a cell phone chat with someone in China.

We are in a car and we can text, access the internet, use gps, when I was growing up we use atlas book to tell us how to get from city to city..I am not even sure if those things exist anymore.

Nenas you get into the car and ask for a movie when I was growing up I will get into a car and immediately start counting how many red cars or blue I could count this were our games or ask questions Why it rains, why I sleep etc...I think now days kids are hook to those DVD's or maybe we as the parents make them addicted to those gadgets.

Why when did we become so dependent on those extra gadgets, maybe they are not gadgets anymore they are a necessity in the car?

This one is my best one I NEVER USE A DISHWASHER I know I am from the stone age...yes yes I confess I rarely turn that machine on....this is technology and I don't use it that makes me believe that not every gadget that is invented is of any necessity. I should rephrase that maybe when Gamila and Samia get in an age of chores I will make them empty the dishwasher so then I will start using that would be easier compare to having to dry dishes or pots while I was growing up. Nenas Abuela had a schedule one day Tio Fabio wash the dishes and Mami dries them and vice versa. I will think about this one.

Another gadget I don't own but I have being tempted to own is a DVD-R or TIVO don't even know the name of that thing, maybe one day I get that wonderful box so I can record my novelas UHHHMMM now I am thinking I will never miss the novela.

Wow so many gadgets and the best part is that if I think and think I can find an excuse why I should own them....dangerous territory for the checkbook Oh we don't use those anymore now are the Debit cards!

I am typing this while watching my Novela and they just announce they are going to start a new Novela at 2:00 PM (one that I would love to see since is made in Colombia) but at this time I am already watching my cheap chisme show in another channel. Wow hard decision to make which one to watch oh but wait I can brainwash baba to get me the TIVO vaina.

Sorry nenas I know I am driving you crazy with this decisions, I can not even start to imagine the gadgets that would be around by the time you guys grow up.


Khadra said...

love the dress and boots.

My DVR is my best friend! I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!

Samia's boots are so precious!! Where did you get them? I love the skirt, is that one you made?
Your girls are beautiful, getting prettier by the day.


*~Ange~* said...

award time!!

Stylomom said...

I know what you mean, I remember playing the car games in my baba's Cortina, or my mom's other Ford. It was insane and I still have Beetles in my head from the many road trips we took as a family. Now my kids hold the DVD control and take turns to watch them in the car and worse, fight about who gets to watch what. I too never turned on the expensive German dishwasher in the equally expensive German kitchen ( why did we install this?) and in England, my hands get all blue and wrinkly from the numerous dish-washing. But we are happy arent we Mistika?however or whichever life takes us, we adpapt, we live and we still love. Happy February with Gadget Dilemma and all!

Stacey said...

girl please I have lived without a dishwasher and I HATED is one of the best kitchen gadgets in the universe.