Monday, February 23, 2009

Monkey Monday! Random pensamientos

Well today is Monday....but the truth for a Stay at home mom everyday day of the week is the same. For today I had something different on mind, I wanted to put an older picture one of us as a family, one of the Palacio family and one of the Elashry family...but after I saw this my plans change.

Here is my Milo hummm cooking - climbing - testing the stool - not sure what was her plan ...but she did not want to stop there she wanted to climb to the higher part while I was putting the camera down she was lifting her leg to try to get higher.

Then I found Samia with her sisters shorts as a head bandanna - hat - hijab etc etc

I know they can be mischievous but then they disappear for a few minutes and I come to find this

By now my heart is melting. Mashallah is the only thing that comes out of my mouth at this point.

On another note I finally finish Samia's new dress well those were my intentions but I think I will use it more like a top for Samia is kind of short.

Inshallah this week baba would be coming back -- boy I miss him allot is amazing the short periods of time he spends at home make such a big difference. Just for the simple things he helps me with picking their clothes, giving them baths, feeding them all of these little things make a huge difference -- Alhomdulliallah I was blessed to have baba. Samia you miss daddy allot you always asking about him, telling me I miss daddy and so forth.

Nenas this are the moments that makes us think that we have to be thankful for any moment we spend with our loved ones, every moment has to be cheerish. I left Miami in 1997 to go to school that was the first time I was going to be away from Abuela, and Tio Fabio, at that moment I had no idea how my life would change, however the first time abuela came to visit me and I drop her off in La Guardia Airport for her to go back to Miami that moment teach me, that could be the last time I said goodbye to weird how that fear always takes over my heart when I am saying bye...why???? Why I don't have that fear when the bye is only being away 10 miles but when the bye requires cruising the skies or driving more than 50 miles my heart gets that ache..... Hopefully I will never feel that with my nenas but in this world of being so global one day one of you might kiss me goodbye in an airport. I guess that I have to learn that one day they would go like I did once.


Stacy said...

Gamila reminds me of Carson at this age!!! NO FEAR!!!

Mona said...

Your girls are so beautiful! That kitchen is so cute.

Kim said...

OH MY- you are getting SO GOOD at those outfits! We should go into business! :)

Counselormama said...

I know, I feel like that too when I go somewhere! Your life sounds like it has been really exciting!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sad but you're right, and then what do we do when they leave us??

Anonymous said...

Yup, those monkeys were funny! Thanks for the laugh!

Debbie said...

How adorable your kids are! Great photos.

Roxane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! You have such a sweet family. I especially love the picture of your daughter climbing her mini-kitchen hahaha too cute!

Khadra said...

so sad to think of the kids leaving us :(
I love the play kitchen!
My kids also stand on EVERYTHING. Max is climbing off of the dining room table while I am typing this. sigh.

*~Ange~* said...

that is the cutest little kitchen!!!!

and that apron - very hippy chic - love it!