Monday, February 2, 2009

Mistika vs. Eczema and my random vainas

So Milo went back to the Dr. today and she has a bad case of ECZEMA she put her in some cream and in the very inflamed areas I am suppose to put cortisone and also give her some Zyterc...let's see how this treatment goes. I am in a head to head fight with this ECZEMA something like this:

This weeks is looking good lots of new things coming our way..most likely I will not be posting starting tomorrow so I will be gone for a couple of days Elashry family is taking a little time off, since the next couple of weeks would be full of new things coming our way, Inshallah everything goes well!

So today I woke up once aging to the nice purr of my 3 doves yes I do own 3 doves I am still waiting for those crazy birds to hatch...I really think they are either too young oh se les moja la canoa a los sirvenguenzas. I have always wonder if they are males or females but no way they are getting a DNA test like someone at the pet store recommend. I was like what the heck you are talking about birds DNA no no no am I missing something here...or maybe I am still in a farm in the middle of now where.

So I guess after 2 years of owning Siwa, Napoleon and Nieve I have to concluded they just make lost of mess, eat allot, make allot of noise and there would not be any baby doves. I have 2 white and a tangerine...(tangerine was breed a couple of times so that color could be obtained).

My other two are just plain white doves like the ones in magic shows, I have some pictures of Samia chasing them and for some reason I can not find them...but they look something like this, but trust me mine are not so in love if not I will have like 10 baby doves by now. I should ask the keeper of these doves what he gave them to radiate so much love between them.

I think this blog really shows my mind from doves I jump to the FARC in less than a week Colombia has had 2 car gets me so upset colombia has terrorist attacks and is no where to be found in the news but Israel gets a bomb attack and is telivesed in every single station....uhmmmm not sure what to think about this.

Okey FARC you just release 4 hostages over the wekend and Inshallah tomorrow the Red cross would pick up a few more, but I guess by every hostage realease a bomb is exploded in major cities of the country. I remember living in Colombia and know there were areas that if we travel to we could end up kill is just sickening we need a change...although is hard to believe first we had the Drug cartel wars and now is the FARC not sure what would be next...but between all of these we have had many other problems.

Your daily life is your temple and your religion. When you enter into it take with you your all.

Kahlil Gibran


Stylomom said...

Oh poor thing.. you have got to be careful because eczema leads to asthma, or rather, eczema is early signs of asthma, please ask the doctor, could she be allergic to the pets? I am asthmatic, but I dont have eczema, its usually those who have had eczema develops asthma, I could be wrong of course, anyhow I will send do'as that the sweety angel will be well and happy again!Inshallah.

Stacy said...

Poor Gamila, I hope the medicine works for her. Ya'll have a wonderful get away and enjoy yourselves!