Friday, February 20, 2009

I got bling bling!

So finally today Gamila can be officially call a girl she has earrings.

I feel like it has taken for ever for me to do them. The first time I was going to do them they found her heart murmur so I post poned it, then came going to Egypt the last thing I needed was a pair of ear lobes infected in Egypt, then the Eczema but Today WAllah my princess Gamila has earrings.

I just don't understand why in this country they would not pierce their ears the moment you are born in Colombia you come out of the womb and pang you are pierce. I did ask the nurse today and her response was the earlobes grow so much is hard to be precise as to where to open them did not make much sense but who cares! So when I got Samia's pierced at 9 months people would look at me like if I was barbaric or they would make the comment -- oh poor baby it hurt her, why do that --- I will be like well beauty just a cultural thing I know in Egypt and Colombia the same a little girl without earrings is like me without a bra, you just need to have them on.

Seriously I can go out without a watch my rings but my earrings they have to be on, I literally feel naked if I don't have my earrings on. I guess they have being with me since I was 3 minutes old figures.

Poor nenas they just have a pair of barbaric parents by the age of three their heads have being shaved, their ears have being pierce and I have giving them the taste of la chancla...but nenas one day you will thank me...Samia your hair is thick and lots of it, Gamila yours the same but with lots of curls, Samia you being wearing the same earrings I wore when I was born, Gamila you will be wearing the same earrings Titi Mio had when she was a baby well that is after six weeks from today.

For those that are interested in how much pain she was and how much she cry here is a sequence of events

10:08 at the lobby

10:23 in the car

1 minute of crying at most!!! for a life of displaying beautiful earrings!


Anonymous said...

Lookin' cute!

Stacy said...


Anonymous said...

I know she won't even remember the pain when she gets older! I think I wore earings for as long as I remeber, I think my mom did it when I was like 3 months! Looking awesome!

Ninnevah said...

We have the same in our culture but mine was a special case, my mum waited till i was 7 years old!!

Beautiful blog you have here, and i think its a great idea for your two beautiful daughters:) Im sure they will appreciate it!

Brownie said...

Mashaa Allah so pretty.
my neice got her ears pierced the day she born and it was fine el hamdolliah

Maria Eugenia said...

I was born in Cuba, so my ears were pierced right after I was born. I think little girls without earrings don't look as femminine. Your daughter looks beautiful with her earings on. Felicidades!

Maria Eugenia

mistika said...

Yaya, Stacy, Wenbren, Brownie Thanks so much for the comment.

Ninnevah - thanks for stopping by. Inshallah they would appreciate it.

Maria Eugenia - I know in Miami many places do the ear pierceing at very young age I guess because of the influx of latinos
Gracias cuidate

Khadra said...

My girls both got their ears pierced when they were 5 months old. I dont care what anyone has to say about it lol!!

My second daughter cried because they held her head still. The second her head was free she didnt care anymore!

Khadra said...

oh yeah, and congrats to Gamila