Saturday, February 21, 2009

2 be or not 2 be Friends, Habibi, Amigos

Friends I wonder how las nenas would be with friends truly by seeing you now Samia I think you are going to get push around we are going to have to start in toughing you up. You are like the punching bag when you are around other kids...not sure why but you get push, slap. I feel bad at times but you have to learn. I love to hear you say "Don't hit me" very few occasions and I have seeing you hit back as well. I think you only hit back Gamila, maybe because she is your sister and regardless how hard you hit her she would always be your sister.

Nenas always remember the bond that never is broken is the one between sibling, the truth of life is that one day I will be gone and it would be just the two of you.
Look at mami and los tios after all these years we are very closed we call each other daily, and if I don't get to talk to Tio Fabio and I get to talk to Tio Cesar I ask him for Fabio, and they do the same. Abuela would always teach me "Wives and husbands come and go but your brothers always stay" I know that I drive you guys crazy with this subject.

Getting back to being aggressive I think you just don't have that aggressive personality Samia . Baba is very stern and his tone of voice pretty much can scare you away, I always tell him baba you are not very approachable and I know he is working very hard to fix this. Mami on the other hand is very friendly and with her joking laughing personality can tell you many many things in your face. So I will assume that between baba and mami we are medium well when it comes to aggression and this is our Samia.

Milo you are too young to tell however I do have to confess you hit already Samia never hit at your age.

I think Samia would be the loving type friend sweet, passionate, caring and something I do notice about you at this age you are happy with just one friend or maybe I should call it playmate. That is me I don't believe in having many many friends. I think even when I was in elementary or high school I only had a couple. Looking back I think Abuela had allot to do with it, she would always teach me is not how many friends you have is how many you can make a connection with. She would also tell me Munueca (doll) friends are very few everybody else are acquaintances. Don't get me wrong we used to go in allot of families trips with other families but like we say in spanish "Despues de la fiesta yo para mi casa y usted para la suya" (after the party I go to my house and you go to yours).

I think as we get older we change so much our standards with friendships for instance when I was young I remember having 2 very very good friends in High school, they were in my homeroom I don't even know if that exist anymore. In Florida many many years ago in order to graduate high school you will have to take a test and pass English and math. I also remember you were allow to take it in 10th, 11th and 12th grade till you pass it. I had always loved math so I had pass it already. Here we are in 12th grade and it was their turn to take the math portion one more time after having it fail 2 times already. One of them had my same name with a different last name I told her "Don't worry I will skip class and I will go in there saying I am you and take it for you" and I told my other friend "and you sit close to me and copy me" And this is how I had a change of identity for about 2 hours and at the end they got to graduate with me. Nenas this are things we do when we are young, I never really measure the extent of what I was doing, I was only thinking of helping a friend, not realizing that I was doing something very very wrong --- so when you guys get older and do something mindless don't think mami is upset because she does not understand you, I am upset because my duty is to guide you thru the right path. Always remember mami was a baby, a toddler a teenager as well!!!!

I guess by now you guys are wondering whatever happen to those two friends. Well with one of them I had a disagreement a couple of years after finishing school, and the other one not sure what happen we kept in touch till about a couple of months back. Not sure why we never talked aging, but I guess at the age I am I will not even bother asking or trying to find out why.

I might sound mean but after having las nenas I don't really care about going out of my way to keep friendships, I don't like high maintenance friendships, I don't care for the she said he said, I don't care for I have a designer bag and you don't, I don't care for my stroller rolls smoother than yours, I don't care for I have the latest pair of shoes, I don't care for being the most popular, I don't care for kissing nalgas (butt), I don't care for the why you did not call, I don't care for you are my very good friend and the moment I give them my back the band starts playing and the list can go on...I will feel like I am watching High School Musical or better off am reliving it.

I guess I need a break from the drama in a couple of years I will have decades of drama at home with las nenas, they are girls after all.

I know I know nenas mami can be sometimes mean == maybe that is why I don't have many friends but I just hate to say one thing when I am feeling another one, I think that is not healthy for my inner peace of mind and not only that is haram in any religion and to top it off it makes me look like a sour pickle. I rather use all of that energy doing good things for las nenas and for others that needed.

And here are my 4 best friends of the whole whole wide wide world!!!!!


maria eugenia said...

I am like you in that I don't have many close friends. I have two really close girlfriends, who are even closer to me than my two sisters. One has been my friend for thirty years, the other one for twenty years. However, I am very outgoing and I "know" a lot of people. I think that all moms get so busy with their families that they tend to let their friendships go, but it is very important to have at least a couple of good friends. By the way, your mom is very pretty and young looking.

Maria Eugenia

Counselormama said...

I agree about the family thing. Blood is thicker than water! I always tell my daughter that she and her brother will have to look out for each other when they are old, and in high school! make sure you read my Freak Story on my blog!

Cairo Typ0 said...

I totally agree about blood being thicker than water. Family - even family you don't like - will always be there for you when the chips are down. When teh world implodes around you they don't judge, they just hug. :)

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking you have a beautiful family! It's good to always stand by your family no matter what!They will always be there to back you up!

Khadra said...

I love all the pictures.
Your daughters look so much like you.

I dont have a lot of friends because I dont play well with others. I cant do the he said she said gossip stuff well, and I definitely dont care about keeping up with clothing, purses, and shoes. It just isnt me, and now I have more important things to worry about!