Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ummm I smell a Modern Greek Tradegy / Con mas Elashry

I have being meaning to write about Madoff...his story has me puzzle how in the world in the age of the technology a man can cheat (no I can not use cheat it has to be steal) thousands and thousands of people their money....this man is like a diseases it does not have boundaries he was able to affect the rich and poor. It baffles me how for decades he was taking and taking the money and falsifying his SO call brokerage statements.

Well nenas I will not go into much detail with this, I just wanted to let you know that when you two were little girls wearing pampers and pull ups one of the biggest white collar schemes of the 21st century was being discover.
Most likely you will read this in your economic or finance classes in your college years. Wow this could be part history book (okey mami hold your horses you are being creative there).

Also as all of these is going on Israel still bombing what is left of Gaza...hopefully another Peace treaty can be reach and this war would finish fast fast fast.. Inshallah soon the children of Gaza can be children chasing soccer balls and not running away from bullets.

In Colombia the FARC still throwing it is bombs whenever they get a chance, now the government is trying to convince the guerrilla that if it releases all of the kidnaps they would give them impunity.

Okey and since there is always a brighter side to life how about looking at Gamila's Nalgas (sorry milo you are going to choke me when you get big and see how I exposed your nalgas to the lens)
This picture has a story...Gamila you are 14 months and starting to manipulate your mami (that is because you have not being introduce to my chancla) so every time I say NO or you don't get your throw yourself in the floor like this and freeze, you only open your eyes and look around to see if anybody is going to give into those beautiful eyes...

Samia and for you here is a list of your vocabulary at 34 months:
  • I love you mami
  • You are beautiful
  • Espera Espera
  • Oh Man (and I am fighting you apparently swiper from Dora says it and you think it is allow at Elashry Casa)
  • Maybe for everything
  • Unbelievable
  • Is not fair
  • Is Good
This words and phrases are repeated in the most awkward situations..oh and your famous one here it goes:

Let me describe the moment..having breakfast I ask you to pass me a cracker, you give me the cracker

Mami "Thank you Samia"

Samia "NO thank you Mami"

Mami "NO thank you Samia"

Samia "NO NO Thank you Mami"

I know it can be annoying but the truth is I LOVE IT!!!!!

Today mami went out with the moms from the mami group it was nice being around a bunch of girls that had taken off their aprons and their mommy labels for at least 3 funny how in these reunions 95% of our conversations is about our children here are a few quotes from the night (I am not going to say names so I will just use nicknames)
  • Pipo had a little hard on
  • Papo got the breast pump and use it as a trumpet
  • Mima wants to taste breast milk after mommy finishes breastfeeding her little sibling
  • Moma loves to see her poppy in the toilet
(just wanted to let my readers know the nicks are mainly used by cuban families for uncles, aunts etc., is funny you will find in the same house a pipo and a papo)

And the stories go and go on...10 years ago I will never imagine myself listening to this comments and the best part relating to that makes me think that in another 10 years I will be listening to other kind of comments that are going to include GIRLY DRAMA BOYS AND FRIENDS...well for now I will not torture myself about it.


Mona said...

HAHAH! Is she wearing legwarmers? so cute.

Khadra said...

I love that you record all this stuff for the kids to read later. I tried this with pretty little notebooks when my girls were younger but I always forgot to write in them.

mistika said...

Mona - yes she is
Khadra - I try my best hopefully I can keep it up Inshallah!