Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wa7ashtiny Baba, 3 Musketeers, Spring Wardrobe

The last couple of days this is what I hear at home all the time:
"Daddy coming soon! Daddy coming home maybe"  Poor Samia she misses her baba so much, he is being out of town and she is always wondering when he is coming home.  
AllhomdullilAllah bookra baba would be home!  
Yesterday mami was getting a little bit overwhelmed with the girls at home so I took Samia out and got her this nice cartoon home and she loves drawing on it and playing inside of it.  Gamila is a bit afraid of going inside but she loves to pick inside, or when Samia sticks her head out of the window she starts launghing histerical.  Is so nice seeing how they have start to play more and more often altough I have to admit they fight allot as well!
Last night I also started working on a few outfits for the spring, although her in Baton Rouge it already feels like Spring.  I finish Samia's and Gamila's today I even got Samia to model for me well that is after I bribe her by letting her use her paints.  I try to get Gamila to model for me but after chasing her and sweating like a dog (and sweating like a dog is not a figure of speech, I sweat by the second as some of you already know) I gave up and decided to use the hanger as my model.
Today we also had Carson over and we all went to the park...the kids had so much fun, running, jumping, going down the slide, eating, posing for the camera and even kissing each other.




Khadra said...

aww! I love this!

Stacy said...

The outfits came out perfect!

Deron and Tina said...

Super cute outfits! Where did you find the fabric? Did you use a pattern?

mistika said...

I got it at Hobby Lobby and yes
I use a pattern for Samia's, Gamila's I improvise a little bit. Do you like to sew?