Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Busy with paper, scissors, fabric, needle!

The days have being a bit gloomy and rainy here at home so we being staying at home and putting our minds and hands to work. Nenas abuelo always used to tell me "Una mente sin oficio es el taller de los diablillos"  I think in english they say "An empty mind is a devils workshop"  So this being say I am always doing things to entertain myself.  Before I use to have EBAY but since Mio I can not do it, I know one day I have to get myself to empty that closet I have full of inventory.
Okey let me go back to what I had in mind. Samia is constantly wanting to do different things, she would watch TV for 5 minutes then she wants to paint, then she wants to play so today I found this nice website that lets you print paper dolls, then you can print different clothing styles ballerina, policeman, fireman or different costumes from other countries. 
After printing all of the outlines Samia started to glue her paper dolls "Dollie dolls"  like she calls them and also her paper pizza.  To tell you the truth I had fun cutting all of the outlines, and it was so rewarding seeing her happy faces gluing everything and waiting for baba to get home so he could eat the pizza she had made for him.

The last couple of months I have being thinking about the decoration for the girls room in the new house.  I want to make the duvet covers and after so much thinking and looking for ideas I decided on a yo yo quilt.  For those that are not familiar with a yo yo quilt is this little circles made out of fabric and then sew together.  Let's see how long it takes me to finish the quilt, Inshallah before we move.

Tonight after putting Samia to sleep I went in there to check on them one more time and what do I find Samia hugging Carmelita, she loves that doll. 


Anonymous said...

Nuria loves to do manualidades as well! she lovs glueing things lol, I will do the pizza for her, I'm sure she will have fun!:-)

Deron and Tina said...

Thanks for the website links - I've never come across the yo yo site. That's a good one!