Thursday, January 29, 2009

Combination Shish kebab oatmeal, books, friends!

The girls had fun with their buddies Samia and Alexandra played while Samantha and Gamila played, although Miss Samantha entertain Siwa, maybe she could train that crazy dog.

Nenas today I made a discovery here it goes: As baba and mami were talking about the activities we want to enroll Samia in the spring. Is comical a kid turns 3 and there is a wide range of activities she can become part of, and since her 3rd birthday is fast approaching mami wants to plan ahead.

So we spoke about T ball, Soccer and then mami brought Ballet into the picture..oh gosh if I could had taken a picture of baba's face he could had advertise for a super SOUR SOUR sour sauce...right away he was like but soccer is fun lots of exercise and then mami was but Tutu's are awesome. So at this point I told him she is a girl and she might like ballet and not soccer and then he was like OKEY you are right - It was obvious deep inside him he misses not having a boy. So nenas Inshallah we can please him in the sport department later on.

Gamila and Samia you two have become inseparable yes your duo activities range from fighting non stop, to crying if I spank Samia, to crying if Gamila is awake in her crib with the door close, to Gamila staying by Samia's side while is a nature call, Milo I don't know how you do it you stay there and even cheer her up saying "Popo, popo" (sorry for the graphical picture I just wrote), Samia if I don't serve Gamila the same food you get, there is a drama.

Gamila your rash has not gotten worst and there are some parts that are getting better, however now it has turn out to be eczema and I just hate seeing you like this, although you are not in any kind of pain it bothers me. So today at bath time we went all natural I grind the oatmeal and then made balls of it to wash the two of you. Samia you have always had the eczema in your torso but is not as bad as Gamila's or maybe because your skin is darker they are not so obvious...sorry princesa no te estoy llamando negrita.

Samia now as you are getting older you love to climb in the bed with mami and baba and read usually we like to read and every time you sees us do that you go and find your book and start reading and then telling us what you are reading..oh and you make a difference now if a book is in spanish, arabic or english you know because you will tell us I am reading in arabi, spani, englizi...(when you do this kind of stuff I feel like eating you)


KKGhoffman said...

Oh I think she should play SOCCER!! Have you asked her what she wants to do??

KKGhoffman said...

Oh I think she should play SOCCER!! Have you asked her what she wants to do??

Stylomom said...

Hi Mistika I have added you and I think your daughters are just sooo cute, are you sure they are not dolls from Toys R Us? My girls love the gamut of activities- piano, ballet, art classes, foreign languages, even cooking classes. You cant believe what they have for kids these days. Our time, or my time rather, we only had the compulsory madrasahs to learn Islam and the swimming and perhaps the piano, now the kiddies can choose anyting they want, have a talk with them and they will say 'yes,I want that one and that one and that one,' then you will find so little time left to do anything with them cos, you will be busy shuttling them for ballet, piano, art, languages, swimming and of course religious classes. Oh and your petrol bill just gets higher and higher! hehehe.

Khadra said...

So cute about the reading thing!!!

Khadra said...

ok, I was thinking I commented on a couple of other posts and maybe the comments are gone. Or maybe Im nuts and I just read them and didnt comment?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, poor kiddo has excema? That's not good, very hard to keep under control.

Great post!